Amazon Crypto: The Future of Online Payments?

Amazon Crypto: The Future of Online Payments?

Amazon crypto quest: Investments, partnerships, and the future of online payments

Cryptocurrencies are reshaping the economy and transforming how online payments are executed. Besides that, the internet is brimming with speculations about tech giants, including Amazon, launching its digital currency. Amazon's aggressive investments and strategic plays in blockchain and digital assets markets evoke interest and curiosity on how disrupted the future of online payments will be. Although the e-commerce giant is yet to debut the cryptocurrency, it is actively exploring virtual coins, investing and working with third parties to revolutionize the online payments space. Amid the loud and rapidly evolving landscape of online transactions, it is open to interpretation: is Amazon crypto the next big thing or a fleeting trend? The article will discuss the Amazon crypto journey and the influence of Amazon's tactics in market and consumer expectations.

What is Amazon Crypto?

Amazon's involvement in the blockchain and crypto space has been mostly characterized by investments and partnerships as opposed to the issuance of its own cryptocurrency. Despite the absence of Amazon crypto and Amazon-borne wallets, the company has demonstrated interest and support for the sector. For example, the company supports several blockchain projects and offers the necessary infrastructure via its Amazon Web Services platform. Among the services that AWS offers to blockchain developers is the managed blockchain service, a service that allows developers to build decentralized applications connected to any blockchain. The dapp could be on a private blockchain or a public blockchain. The service manages the creation and maintenance of the blockchain for the developers who can now focus on creating the application instead of managing blockchain infrastructure.

Blockchain projects that use Amazon Web Services enjoy the scalability, reliability and security offered by Amazon's online cloud computing platform. Amazon Web Services and the blockchain companies that employ its services work together to integrate blockchain networks with their current infrastructures and allow businesses in different sectors to do things that were formerly impossible. An example of such a partnership is Amazon Inc working together with Worldwide Asset Exchange. WAX employs AWS to enforce its blockchain network, which is incorporated into the Amazon Managed Blockchain service. This partnership demonstrates extreme devotion of Amazon to make as many blockchain projects as possible.

Amazon's Dive into Digital Currency & Blockchain

Amazon's interest in digital currencies and blockchain technology has indeed been a focal point of speculation and analysis. Especially following the fact of Amazon's job listing for a "Digital Currency and Blockchain Product Lead", noticed in July 2021, many started to make up more and more assumptions on how cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin would soon become part of Amazon's payment ecosystem and thus, the giant will switch to an entirely different approach to digital finance.

Amazon has taken a hesitant stance toward cryptocurrencies over the years. This is partly because of their high volatility and lack of regulation and partly because of the administrative problems of handling things like returns and refunds.

Amazon's interest in blockchain technology can boost the company's opportunity on to do so because of its promise of revamping nearly everything it does. Amazon Web Services , the firm's widely known cloud-computing unit, has made efforts to create and release blockchain services and a variety of instruments to promote mainstream corporations to develop blockchain technologies securely and efficiently.

One key factor driving Amazon's interest in blockchain technology is its potential to revolutionize various aspects of the company's operations, particularly in areas such as supply chain management, digital rights management, and decentralized finance. Amazon's cloud-computing unit, Amazon Web Services (AWS), has been at the forefront of exploring blockchain solutions, offering services and tools to help enterprises build and deploy blockchain applications securely and efficiently.

While it is just a speculation, hiring a seasoned expert in digital currencies and blockchain might mean that Amazon is predestined to employ these innovative technologies in developing customer experience, optimizing operations, and boosting growth. This might be manifested in the creation of its own digital currency, or investment in blockchain solutions for multiple use cases applicable in its ecosystem.

Additionally, the second option might be viewed as a strategy to help the e-commerce giant succeed in the rapidly changing world of digital finance. Due to the intentions of such tech giants, as Meta or Apple and others to implement similar initiatives, Amazon might want to launch such a project to seize the market and monetize this demand.

Amazon's Cryptocurrency Job Listing Triggers Market Speculation

The response to the information was also immediate and appeared in a cryptocurrency market, as the price of every digital asset promptly rose in value as investors can only speculate on the possible positive outcome of Amazon's engagement. Bitcoin more than other assets went up in price since it is considered an indicator of the whole cryptocurrency world.

The enthusiasm was diminished in the long run after Amazon clarified that the job advertisement did not imply an indication of bringing cryptocurrencies on board any time soon. According to the company, "the speculation that has occurred around our specific plans for cryptocurrencies is not true," which meant that Amazon was still testing the potential use of digital currency and blockchain but had not reached relevant decisions .

The clarification by Amazon resulted in a degree of letdown and a subsequent correction in the price of some cryptocurrencies as the market corrected to the new state of affairs. Nevertheless, the incident reflected the increasing interest and acknowledgment of cryptocurrencies by mainstream organizations and indicated that there could be more developments ahead as digital assets were integrated into the traditional financial world.

Amazon Crypto: The Future of Online Payments?

The question of whether Amazon is ready to accept cryptocurrencies is of high interest to many customers and the market as a whole. Given Andy Jassy's words about the unlikelihood of the company adopting cryptocurrencies as a payment anytime soon, investors were advised to take cautious approach. Among the possible reasons for Andy Jassy's bold statement are regulatory anxiety, market unpredictability, and technological unreadiness.

The interest in blockchain technology is consistent with Amazon's strategy of applying cutting-edge technologies to improve its operations and customer service. Blockchain, with its promise of secure and universally visible transactions, might help Amazon in many ways, including making supply chain operations more efficient, production sourcing more transparent, and payment processing more effective. Furthermore, if trends in digital currencies continue to develop, Amazon may reverse its decision on this subject. Increased acceptance and oversight in particular areas, consumer risk, and trends in blockchain technology all have the potential to influence Amazon's actions.


Amazon's reluctance to adopt cryptocurrencies as a payment option presently doesn't preclude the possibility of reconsideration in the future. It could remain unchanged indefinitely, yet one cannot disregard the possibility of reconsideration. The company's current ventures in blockchain seem to demonstrate that its transformative potential is acknowledged, extending beyond digital currencies. The decentralized nature implies that the technology can be utilized in various functions within Amazon's operations, such as supply chain operations and data security. As technology ages and proves its worth in different spheres, Amazon might have a compelling reason to change its mind on cryptocurrency.

It is also probable that as the landscape for digital currency changes and laws governing its use become more clear, diffusing the pressure toward consumers who want diverse means of payment may impact Amazon's outlook. Additionally, considering the trend where revered institutions and corporations legitimize digital assets, there is a higher likelihood that cryptocurrencies will gain mainstream acceptance over time. As such, Amazon might eventually reverse its current perspective on crypto payments to align with prevailing market trends and consumer preferences.


1. Does Amazon have cryptocurrency?

Yes, Amazon doesn't accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method. However, there are ways you can use cryptocurrency to buy things on Amazon. For example, you can convert cryptocurrency into fiat currency and use it to buy Amazon gift cards, for example. You can also use a payment app like BitPay to fund your local wallet with different cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and others, so you can use them to buy stuff on Amazon.

2. Is Amazon going to use cryptocurrency?

Amazon does not yet accept direct cryptocurrency payments (including Bitcoin) for purchases on the platform. However, there have been rumors and reports indicating that Amazon may be interested in cryptocurrencies.

3. Can I buy on Amazon using crypto?

Yes, you can purchase goods and services on Amazon with cryptocurrency. While Amazon does not accept Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency directly, there are a few services and methods that let you use your cryptocurrency indirectly to buy things on Amazon.

4. How to buy Amazon crypto coins?

To purchase Amazon tokenized stock FTX (AMZN), choose a reliable centralized exchange, create an account, add a payment method, and buy AMZN with fiat or cryptocurrency. Alternatively, select a reputable crypto wallet, purchase supported cryptocurrency, and exchange it for AMZN.

5. How much is Amazon crypto?

The current price of Amazon tokenized stock FTX is US$8.23.

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