8 Reasons Why This Altcoin Will Outrank Pepe Fork ($PORK) Coin

8 Reasons Why This Altcoin Will Outrank Pepe Fork ($PORK) Coin

The emergence of PepeFork ($PORK) stirred quite a bit of excitement this past week. The meme coin of a meme coin skyrocketed to a remarkable $200 million market capitalization within a mere 48 hours after its launch on Uniswap. Despite subsequent price fluctuations, PORK continues to draw significant attention from a section of meme coin fans.

However, crypto whales have already set their eyes on another project quietly, making waves all over the internet. Currently in its third and final pre-sale stage, this altcoin is the native currency for an upcoming AAA web3 game developed by Kevuru Games – the awesome team behind projects like Star Wars, Fortnite, Iron Order, Undead Blocks, etc.

What is this newest crypto sensation? What makes it unique and better than PORK for both short and long term holders? We answer these questions below and reveal 8 reasons why this new token is likely to outperform the Pepe Fork (PORK) coin in the near future. Without wasting any time, let's get started!

What is Pepe Fork ($PORK)

$PORK is a new meme token from a fork of $PEPE, another meme token based on the popular Pepe the Frog character. Pepe is currently the fifth largest meme coin at an approximately $380 million market cap. 

Despite being a new token, PORK generated quite a buzz by reaching $200 million in market capitalization within two days of its launch. It became the 9th largest meme token in the crypto world, leaving behind the Baby Doge Coin. Yet, as the initial excitement settled, the meme coin saw a dip, losing around 35% of its value and stabilizing at $0.0000005943 at the time of writing this article.

The decline has sparked speculation, with some questioning whether PORK, like many meme coins before it, has already peaked. The rumored involvement of its developer, Pauly0x, in a dubious liquidity mechanism akin to a Ponzi scheme that affected other coins like PNDC and Phunks has only added to the uncertainty.

This has led many savvy investors to set their eyes elsewhere, with one project seemingly offering much better rewards.

The Reveal: Altcoin set to outperform PORK is…

Alright, enough suspense…

The altcoin we believe has the potential to outperform and outrank PORK token is…

$PIKA, the native token of Pikamoon, a play-to-earn (P2E) game that allows gamers to earn tokenized rewards in the Pikaverse (a unique metaverse created for the game). With PIKA, users can access rare NFTs mouth-watering rewards, and purchase unique items from the Pikaverse marketplace. 

But that's not all. You can do so much more, which we will explain in more detail below. 

8 Reasons PIKA Will Outperform PORK Coin

Below are some reasons we believe PIKA has the potential to outperform $PORK.

1. PIKA has a Low Market Cap and Higher Growth Potential

Pikamoon ($PIKA) is a promising cryptocurrency with a higher growth potential than Pepe Fork (PORK) coin for several reasons. Foremost, $PIKA has a total supply of 50 billion tokens, with only 30% allocated for the presale. It's still in the early ICO stage.

On the other hand, $PORK has a massive total supply of 420 trillion tokens, with a fair launch of 100%, and achieved a $200+ million market cap shortly afterward. Such a larger market cap suggests a potentially smaller profit margin for exponential growth than smaller-cap coins.

This means that PIKA has a lot of upside potential for investors who join the presale and benefit from the discounted price. Experienced traders know that these two factors alone present the most opportunities for price appreciation in the short as well as long run.

Not to forget, PIKA has a deflationary mechanism that rewards long-term hodlers only. Any time an investor leaves the ecosystem, they have to burn 0.5% of the tokens per transaction, making the tokens even more scarce and valuable over time.

2. PIKA is Currently In the Final Presale Stage

PIKA is currently in the final stage of its presale, which means that investors can buy the token at a very low price of $0.0006 per token. This is much lower than the listing price of $0.0007, which gives investors an immediate profit of 16.67% once the token is launched on exchanges.

Moreover, the presale is close to reaching its hard cap of $6 million, with a huge milestone of $4.6 million already raised. This points to the fact that the demand for PIKA is high, and the supply is fairly limited.

Once the game is launched, the ecosystem will attract more players, increase the trade volume, and further boost the adoption of PIKA. The presale offers investors a chance to get in early before the token becomes more popular and valuable.

3. PIKA Offers a Unique AAA Gaming Integration

Pikamoon ($PIKA) is not just a standalone meme coin; it is linked to the vibrant world of Play-to-Earn gaming.

It is the native token of the AAA Web3 game Pikamoon, developed by Kevuru Games, the renowned creator of games like Fortnite and Star Wars. As the foundational currency of Pikamoon, PIKA has practical uses within the game's ecosystem. This sets PIKA apart from PORK and gives it multiple layers of utility beyond typical meme cryptocurrencies.

It can be used as an in-game currency to purchase boosters, spells, potions, and NFTs in the Pikaverse.

This utility, combined with a high-quality gaming experience, enhances PIKA's value and expands its appeal beyond speculation. With the potential for a large player base similar to Axie Infinity, once the game is fully launched, Pikamoon is positioned to become a key player in the gaming industry, further solidifying PIKA's practical utility and entertainment value

4. PIKA has a Transparent and Experienced Development Team

Behind every successful cryptocurrency lies a dedicated and experienced development team. Pikamoon ($PIKA) is no exception. The team behind PIKA consists of industry experts, blockchain enthusiasts, and seasoned developers. They have a transparent roadmap, regular community updates, and a strong focus on building a sustainable and user-friendly ecosystem.

5. PIKA Can Be Staked

$PIKA offers various utilization options for its holders, one of which is staking. Staking is a process that allows users to deposit their tokens into a mining pool and earn rewards based on the amount and duration of their stake.

Staking also gives users voting rights, governance power, and access to exclusive NFTs in the Pikaverse, and games only available for stakers. 

By staking their $PIKA tokens, users benefit themselves and the entire Pikaverse. Staking supports the longevity and value of the Pikaverse by maintaining a low circulating supply of $PIKA, which increases its scarcity and stability in the market.

Staking also rewards users with more $PIKA tokens, which they can use for further staking, trading, or spending. Overall, staking $PIKA creates a win-win situation for individual holders, the 13000+ strong #PikaArmy community, and the Pikaverse ecosystem as they all grow and prosper together.

6. PIKA is A Doorway to Free Value-laden NFTs

PIKA offers a unique opportunity to join a thriving community of gamers, collectors, and creators.

With PIKA, users get a chance to claim free Pikamoon NFTs that are essential for the Pikaverse experience. Each $300 PIKA investment is rewarded with a FREE Pikamoon NFT, which is a digital collectible that represents a mystical creature with different attributes and abilities. These NFTs are not only fun to play with but also valuable assets that can be traded, sold, or used to access exclusive content and features in the Pikaverse.

The demand for Pikamoon NFTs is already high, as they are limited in supply.. Some of the rarest Pikamoon NFTs, such as the 18 God Pikamoons, could fetch up to $10,000 or more in the secondary market. Even the most common Pikamoon NFTs can offer 1:1 returns when sold, meaning users can easily recoup their initial investment and keep their PIKA tokens.

7. PIKA Believes in User Empowerment…Not Just the Giggles

PIKA is a token representing the vision and passion of the Pikamoon gaming community. It has a clear purpose: to fuel the development and growth of the Pikamoon AAA Game. Unlike Meme Coins created for jokes or speculation, PIKA is a serious investment in the game's future.

The money earned from the $PIKA Presale is "reinvestment-bound capital." According to the developers, it will be used to improve the game's features, graphics, gameplay, and user experience. This ongoing evolution will attract more players and benefit both developers and users.

Early supporters of PIKA will also have a stake in the game's success. They can use their tokens to access rare NFTs, earn rewards, buy items from the marketplace, and build their own empires in the Pikaverse. They can also participate in the game's governance, voting on important decisions and proposals.

PIKA goes beyond being a Meme Coin. It embodies the spirit and values of the Pikamoon gaming community, empowering them to shape their gaming experience and destiny. 

8.  Pika is A Controversy-Free Investment

The crypto market is full of opportunities but also risks and uncertainties. Many projects have emerged with promising features and visions, but not all have delivered on their promises. Despite a relatively short time span, the Pepe Fork token has been involved in several controversies. Pepe backers, in particular, have accused the developer of operating shady Ponzi schemes.

In contrast to Pepe Fork coin, PIKA (Pikamoon) stands out as a controversy-free option that offers more than just a catchy name and a cute logo. PIKA is a crypto project primarily backed by its long-term gamified utilities, such as the Pikamoon game, the Pikamoon NFT marketplace, and the Pikamoon DAO. These utilities aim to create a fun and engaging experience for PIKA holders and generate value and rewards for the PIKA ecosystem.

For the seasoned traders out there, this aspect is vital for investors seeking safer investment avenues in the crypto space. Unlike a meme token, which relies on hype and speculation, PIKA has a solid foundation and a clear roadmap that ensures its sustainability and growth. PIKA also has a strong sense of trust and stability, as it has a transparent team, a fair launch, and a loyal community. This has presented PORK investors – and crypto traders in general – with an exciting opportunity to diversify into a crypto project with a cleaner slate and a higher level of long-term value.

Enough Differences: Any Similarities? 

  • Both PIKA and Pepe Fork token are ERC-20 tokens developed on the Ethereum network. They follow common rules and standards for interacting with other tokens and smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • PIKA and PORK are meme coins inspired by popular internet culture and characters. PIKA is inspired by the Pikachu character from the Pokemon franchise, while PORK is derived from the Pepe the Frog meme.
  • Both PIKA and PORK can be purchased using an ETH wallet. It can be a software wallet such as MetaMask or a hardware wallet like Ledger, as long as it supports ERC-20 tokens. To buy PORK, one must connect their wallet to a decentralized exchange (DEX) that lists the tokens, such as Uniswap, and swap ETH or another token.


While both the PORK token and Pikamoon have unique features and value prepositions, Pikamoon has some clear advantages over PORK, making it a more attractive investment for short- and long-term hodlers.

The new token is more focused on creating a gaming ecosystem that leverages its token for various purposes, while PORK is more of a social and cultural phenomenon that relies on its meme appeal. PIKA has a clear competitive advantage over PORK in terms of market performance and real-world application.

However, PORK may still have some potential to grow and surprise the crypto world with its unpredictable and humorous nature.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

1. What is Pikamoon (PIKA)?

Pikamoon (PIKA) is a native token that powers the Pikamoon ecosystem, which includes the Pikamoon game, NFT marketplace, and DAO. It offers various utilization options for its holders, including staking.

2.What is a PORK (Pepe Fork) Coin?

PORK (PepeFork) Coin is a meme token that has gained popularity in the crypto community. It is associated with the Pepe meme and has a solid social and cultural appeal.

3. What are the Advantages of Staking PIKA Tokens?

Staking PIKA tokens gives users voting rights, governance power, and access to exclusive NFTs and games. It also supports the longevity and value of the PIKA ecosystem by incentivizing holders to lock up their tokens and participate in the network.

4. What Sets Pikamoon Apart from Other Crypto Projects?

Pikamoon stands out from other crypto projects because it focuses on gamified utilities and long-term value creation. It offers a unique gaming experience, an NFT marketplace, and a DAO, providing users multiple ways to engage and benefit from the ecosystem. Additionally, Pikamoon has a transparent team, a fair launch, and a loyal community, which adds to its trustworthiness and stability.

5. Can PORK Coin Compete with PIKA in Terms of Market Performance?

While the PORK coin has gained popularity as a meme token, it may struggle to match PIKA's market performance in the long run. PIKA's focus on creating a gaming ecosystem and its clear roadmap for sustainability and growth give it a competitive advantage over PORK. Additionally, PIKA's transparent team, fair launch, and loyal community add to its stability and trustworthiness, which can attract more investors and potentially lead to better market performance than PORK.

6. What Should Investors Consider When Choosing between PIKA and PORK?

Investors should consider factors such as the project's roadmap, team transparency, community support, and market performance when choosing between PIKA and PORK. PIKA has a clear advantage regarding its roadmap for sustainability and growth, as well as its transparent team and loyal community. These factors contribute to its trustworthiness and stability, making it a more attractive investment option. However, investors should also consider PORK coin's meme appeal and its potential to surprise the crypto world with its unpredictable nature.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for educational purposes ONLY and is not financial advice.

Disclaimer: Analytics Insight does not provide financial advice or guidance. Also note that the cryptocurrencies mentioned/listed on the website could potentially be scams, i.e. designed to induce you to invest financial resources that may be lost forever and not be recoverable once investments are made. You are responsible for conducting your own research (DYOR) before making any investments. Read more here.

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