Activity Surges For Notcoin and Raboo, As Dormant Shiba Inu Holders Look to Recoup Losses


The crypto market has been at a standstill since the latest addition to the TON blockchain, Notcoin (NOT). Analysts believe it is the breakout star of the crypto-verse, with 120% gains since expanding to Telegram. NOT's leap has left many tokens in its rearview, especially the meme coin Shiba Inu (SHIB).

Raboo ($RABT) is one of the new ICOs that joined Notcoin at the top of the crypto gainers list. $RABT is up 60% in its presale, and investors can't wait to see the tokens go live.

Why? Find out here!

Notcoin is the top performer in the crypto market!

It's not very often that we find token spikes as massive as Notcoin's, and crypto analysts are amazed at how quickly the token has grown in the crypto market. Notcoin started as a basic click-to-earn gaming protocol last year, but since expanding its user base to Telegram, the game has evolved.

Instead of being a simple clicker game, there are new missions and added tasks to motivate users. Add those to the number of users on Telegram, and you'll see how NOT quickly became a fan favourite. The aftermath of such attention is an increased demand for the token, and Notcoin has been through the roof ever since.

The NOT token added 177% to its already huge profits on the seven day graph, making it the biggest gainer in the crypto-verse. Apart from its altcoin price, Notcoin's market cap has increased by 7% crossing the $2.47 billion mark.

Shiba Inu traders now have options for profitable investments

Many might have expected Shiba Inu to hit profits when Ethereum's ETFs got approved, but the token has been lackluster. Sure, SHIB is now one of the top fifteen cryptocurrencies in the crypto market, but it is more likely to tank than pump very soon.

Why? Analysis reveals a bearish outlook for Shiba Inu, mainly because its holders are taking profit at the moment. Shiba Inu has been plagued by volatility for years, much like a lot of meme coins, so the holders are simply cashing in their profits before SHIB's altcoin price succumbs to market fluctuations.

So, whether you're a new investor or a Shiba Inu trader, now's the time to get out. There will be pump opportunities, maybe even soon enough, but right now, there are better waters to fish for profits.

Raboo is as stacked as opportunities get. Here's what we have on the new meme project. 

Raboo joins top crypto gainers with 60% presale pump

The aim of any crypto token is to stay in business and for the long term too. Sadly, meme coins are not always keen on planning–it's why the sector is as scattered as it appears.

Raboo plans to keep offering its memes to crypto traders and rewards to its users in the long run, and that's why you might find $RABT's tokenomics rather extensive. There's the plan for burn events, where the tokens are burned gradually to increase $RABT's altcoin price.

With token burning comes profit potential for Raboo's long-term investors.

There's also the reward pool for Raboo's users, especially those who engage the community frequently. Engagement on Raboo means you constantly post meme-worthy content on the ecosystem, aiding the meme-creation process on Raboo. There's generative AI to keep the memes evergreen, but a human touch is needed for the memes to be humorous and relatable.

About 135 million tokens have been dedicated to token rewards for user participation. Still doubting Raboo's prospects?


When you've gotten past the whitepaper's content, there's the ROI from the presale itself. $RABT joined the top gainers in the crypto-verse with its 20% presale price spike.

The Raboo presale is currently in Stage 4, lets not forget to mention Stage 1 buyers are already 60% up in profits. It's never too late to join in the fun–plus, there's a potential 100x to gain when $RABT tokens get listed.

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