99Bitcoins - New Learn-2-Earn Crypto Project Presale Hits $2 Million Milestone


99Bitcoins cemented its position in the crypto community by disseminating educational content about cryptos during the last decade. Its presale featuring the native $99BTC token garnered enthusiastic support from community members who had honed their crypto knowledge on the platform.

The fact that this platform embraced the learn2earn method brought it now to a $2 million milestone, gathering a huge community of crypto enthusiasts across the globe. There are no signs of slowing down, so here is why this is the project that investors shouldn't overlook this year!

Unlocking the Power of 99Bitcoins: Revolutionizing Crypto Education and Investment

99Bitcoins is dedicated to providing multiple benefits for its users. Due to the crypto market's constant evolution and innovation, cryptocurrency enthusiasts often struggle to understand its complexities. 99Bitcoins takes pride in simplifying the language around Bitcoin and other cryptos, which is making investing more accessible and open to all.

The platform offers educational content and courses, aiming to revolutionize the learning experience for many. While Bitcoin is its main focus, 99Bitcoins also covers various other cryptocurrencies to broaden investors' perspectives. 99Bitcoins allows users to leverage $99BTC in various ways by facilitating interactive learning. The positive reviews on Trustpilot attest to its effectiveness in educating people about Bitcoin, leading to the logical next step of launching its own presale.

The platform aims to reward users for expanding their knowledge by introducing the "learn2earn" concept from the outset. Additionally, it offers staking as a feature, enabling investors to generate passive income despite market volatility. The projected annual rewards are currently at 867%, with 4143 rewards per ETH block. Act now to secure your tokens and take advantage of everything this platform has to offer!

99Bitcoins – The Ultimate Platform for Expanding Crypto Knowledge

Seeking reliable cryptocurrency information can be daunting due to the abundance of similar websites. However, 99Bitcoins aims to tackle the issue and offer all the information investors may need, including articles covering essential cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Solana, and others.

The platform also furnishes comprehensive guidance for purchasing cryptocurrencies using various payment methods, complemented by beginner tutorials, thorough reviews, and insightful guides to streamline the investment journey. Furthermore, 99Bitcoins showcases a transparent list of reputable companies accepting Bitcoin, underscoring prominent brands' widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies.

The platform's "Bitcoin Obituaries" section offers a lighthearted perspective on articles proclaiming Bitcoin's demise, shedding light on the cryptocurrency's enduring resilience in the face of pessimistic views. Additionally, 99Bitcoins delivers in-depth information on crypto presales and forthcoming Coinbase and Binance listings, empowering investors with valuable market insights. With the recent launch of the $99BTC presale, the platform amplifies its versatility, presenting users with expanded opportunities for engagement.

Details About 99Bitcoins Upclose

99Bitcoins fuses the power of Bitcoin and Ethereum to offer an exceptional investing experience. With Ethereum's enormous exposure, the project aims to create a huge crypto community of people who share similar interests. With a total of 99 billion tokens in circulation, the system will function smoothly, providing long-term value for holders.

When it comes to token allocation, 10.50% of the tokens are reserved for the ongoing presale. Since staking is an important part of the overall appeal of the 99Bitcoins project, 14% of the tokens are directed towards it. Considering that marketing is crucial for this project's exposure, 23% is set aside to reach the audience. The remaining supply will be divided between project funds (27.50%), community rewards (17%), and liquidity (8%).

The project is making strides, with the initial presale phase underway and over $2 million already raised, a testament to the substantial interest from global investors. Join the early investors and seize the opportunity to profit from your investment knowledge!


The recent upsurge in the cryptocurrency market has attracted a growing number of individuals interested in participating in crypto investing. That is not surprising since the cryptocurrency market has substantial earning potential, lots of promising growth opportunities, and practical utility, leading to the natural expansion of the global community of crypto investors. To get more info on promising crypto investments visit bestcryptotoinvestin.ltd.

With its well-established reputation, 99Bitcoins is now poised to broaden its horizons with the introduction of its native token. The presale is making swift progress, offering early investors the chance to capitalize on its wealth of valuable knowledge and staking features before the presale phase concludes, so hurry up and secure your portion of $99BTC tokens!

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