9 Best New Cryptocurrencies to Buy For Long Term Gains

9 Best New Cryptocurrencies to Buy For Long Term Gains

After an extremely strong and long crypto winter, the crypto spring brought  "nice weather" to the crypto world, and transferred a large number of coins from "red" to "green". The temperature continues to rise during the summer, and that affects a large number of coins to "take off their warm clothes", so at the moment there are several different hot cryptos that will continue to increase in value, especially after their presales are completed! In that sense, 9 hottest new cryptos that seem the most promising are:

  1. Wall Street Memes ($WSM)
  2. XRP20 ($XRP20) 
  3. Shibie Coin ($SHIBIE)
  4. IOTA 20 ($IOTA20)
  5. Cowabunga Coin ($COWABUNGA)
  6. yPredict ($YPRED)
  7. Launchpad XYZ ($LPX)
  8. Chimpzee ($CHMPZ)
  9. Flex Coin ($FLEX)

Wall Street Memes ($WSM): The most popular meme coin!

One of the best cryptocurrencies this season is the viral Wall Street Memes ($WSM), a meme coin that raised more than $20 million in record time and attracted more than a million users! Thanks to the great support, after the end of the presale, $WSM will certainly manage to find its place on the top tier exchanges, which will undoubtedly help it to achieve what crypto influencers predict for it: growth up to 100x! Take advantage of the current opportunity and invest in $WSM for only $0.0328 per token!

XRP20 ($XRP20): New crypto you shouldn't miss!

One of the freshest news among crypto users is the appearance of a new crypto, XRP20 ($XRP20), a young and promising coin that crypto experts see as a "second chance" for all those who didn't invest in the well-known $XRP. 

$XRP20 was created to provide the same functionality as its "older colleague", $XRP, but the additional benefit is that $XRP20 has several additional functions, which will certainly accelerate its meteoric rise. You can currently buy $XRP20 for $0.000092 per token, so don't miss this unique opportunity!

Shibie Coin ($SHIBIE): Promising community-driven meme coin!

One of the most promising young crypto projects is Shibie Coin ($SHIBIE), a project that combines "two legends", the well-known Shiba Inu meme coin, and one of the most beloved dolls of our childhood, which has already acquired cult status. 

The merging of these "two legends" clearly indicates that the community gathered around the $SHIBIE token will be diverse and massive, and crypto influencers already have high hopes for the future of this token. "The Wild Diva", i.e. $SHIBIE token is already perceived as an excellent long-term investment, so grab this opportunity and invest in "The Bombshell Bitch of the Crypto World" while the price is only $0.000167. 

IOTA20 ($IOTA20): A new, improved version of the well-known IOTA token!

IOTA20 ($IOTA20) is a new, improved version of the well-known $IOTA token, known for providing early investors with incredible 6,800x returns. Crypto experts say that it would be wise to invest early in $IOTA20, and grab it at the price of $0.00145, because even if this coin only achieves $IOTA's all-time low, it means that it will manage to achieve 50x gains, i.e. a value of $5.69!

Cowabunga Coin ($COWABUNGA): Meme coin whose time is yet to come!

A fun meme coin that experts believe will achieve outstanding results in the future is the young Cowabunga Coin ($COWABUNGA), inspired by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie! There is already a noticeable high interest in the $COWABUNGA token, and it seems that a large number of investors are preparing to grab this meme coin that could become one of those trending for DEXTools. Note that only 30% of the entire supply of $COWABUNGA tokens will be available for purchase at the presale price, so don't miss the opportunity to invest in this meme coin whose time is yet to come and which is a fantastic long-term investment. 

yPredict ($YPRED): The best platform for crypto investors!

One of the best cryptocurrencies to buy right now is yPredict ($YPRED). $YPRED, as the native token of a fantastic and comprehensive AI-based platform for crypto users, will elevate your crypto experience to the highest possible level! 

Owning the $YPRED token will provide you with insight into real-time trading signals, and the most relevant analyses, and all in all, it will provide you with all the information that could be useful to you. You will feel the benefits of investing in $YPRED immediately, but you should not ignore the long-term potential of this coin, because $YPRED is expected to grow by a minimum of 50x.

Launchpad XYZ ($LPX): Your ticket to an exciting Web3 journey!

There is also strong interest in Launchpad XYZ ($LPX), whose presale has already raised more than $1,200,000! $LPX aims to provide users with a fantastic experience, providing them with a wide range of Web3 services. Trading tips, metaverse library, Web3 game hub, and countless other benefits come with owning $LPX tokens. However, the most important thing of all is that $LPX is predicted to significantly increase its value in the future. This coin shows great potential to bring early investors a great return on investment, so hurry up and buy it at a unique price of $0.0445.

Chimpzee ($CHMPZ): Your chance to make a positive contribution to the planet!

It would not be bad to take advantage of the Chimpzee ($CHMPZ) presale and invest in this one-of-a-kind coin. $CHMPZ will allow you to have fun, earn passive income, and win various prizes, but also to positively influence the protection of the environment. $CHMPZ will allow you to earn income while saving animals and fighting against climate change, so take the opportunity, grab this coin for only $0.000775 and invest in time in crypto that could bring you long-term gains, up to 100x!

Flex Coin ($FLEX): A crypto that has recorded value growth!

Another coin that has seen growth lately is Flex Coin ($FLEX). FLEX achieved a growth of 4.31% in the last 24 hours alone, which is an excellent result, however, crypto experts believe that this crypto will not succeed in achieving long-term gains and that it is only good as a short-term investment. They still recommend some of the previously mentioned coins as much better long-term investments.


The situation in the crypto market seems promising because several coins record outstanding presale results and show great chances to continue a similarly successful career even after completing the presale. $WSM, $XRP20, $SHIBIE, $IOTA20, $COWABUNGA, $YPRED, $LPX, and $CHMPZ stand out as ideal long-term investment options, so act fast and invest in them before their presales end!

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