8 Best New Crypto To Buy Now in 2024 - 5thScape Outshines DLUME, META and ECO

Best New Crypto To Buy Now in 2024

In the exciting world of cryptocurrency, active investors are always searching for the best new crypto coins to buy and expand their portfolios. With this 2024 year, this industry has flourished a lot, and many new crypto projects are emerging, offering a variety of rewards and returns upon investing in them. Selecting the right coin in the crypto portfolio is very important to balance the risk-reward ratio. Therefore, in this article we shall see the best new crypto to buy now in 2024 to balance overall risk and stay stable in the market.

List of best new crypto to buy now in 2024

  1. 5thScape (5SCAPE)

  2. DarkLume (DLUME)

  3. SimuGaze (SGAZE) 

  4. Ecochain 

  5. Metaverse Coin 

  6. DeFiPrime 

  7. QuantumToken

  8. ArtCoin

Let's dig deep into the details of each of the above-listed coins and see what makes them best among the thousands of coins listed on crypto exchanges.

1. 5thScape (5SCAPE)

5thScape is a new crypto to buy now in 2024 in your portfolio. The platform provides immersive virtual reality games with cutting-edge technology. It allows users to enjoy the wide range of 3D VR games in the specially designed VR headsets and ergonomically designed gaming chairs for comfort in the long gaming sessions.

At 5thscape, users can escape Reality and dive into a world full of endless possibilities of fun, adventure and excitement. From visually immersive to the strong capturing sound effects users get everything in one thrilled pack ride. The platform further encourages the passionate gaming communities from all around the world to redefine the gaming segment and utilize all the available resources to its fullest and provide unforgettable experiences.


Each country has its specific requirements of getting citizenship, also users need to maintain  a minimum amount of DLUME coins, pay taxes or else the citizenship status will be revoked.

The platform is based on blockchain technology, so users can earn their native tokens SGAZE by participating in races. These tokens can further be used for any in-game purchases, for buying exclusive content, etc.

2. Darklume (DLUME)

Darkume is a virtual world or a metaverse built on a socio-economic system. In this metaverse users get a unique blend of fantasy and social interaction; which is possible by acquiring the citizenship of any country within the metaverse. The citizenship offers the users rights to participate in many fun, leisure  and wild activities. The wild is vague word describing the team, they say it will be announced as the project progresses further.

All the transactions within this metaverse are completed using its native currency DLUME. Early investors in DLUME are entitled for many other benefits such as discounts on digital assets, enhanced privileges in metaverse, etc. DarkLume offers you an opportunity to live the ultimate lifestyle in the Virtual world.

DLUME New Crypto is a primary currency that enables all the transactions. It also grants various access to different activities within the virtual world.


3. SimuGaze Coin (SGAZE)

SimuGaze is a new project aiming to transform the simulation world. It offers realistic simulation in racing games, making it one of the most thrilling moments for gamers. This could be the best experience for casual and professional gamers. The best part of this game is that participants can engage in high-speed racing with realistic vehicle simulation, all these things in the virtual world.

The project has developed the whole ecosystem with SGAZE token as the medium of transaction within it. The users or the token holders can do the following things:

  • Access to realistic games: SGAZE token holders have the opportunity to choose from various disciplines of racing, such as Formula 1 and street racing. 

  • Customize your vehicles: Users can customize their vehicles as they want to get a personal touch. 

  • Vehicle simulation: You will have a chance to test drive all sorts of vehicles, such as vintage cars, hypercars, futuristic cars, etc.


4. EcoChain (ECO)

ECOChain is a decentralized public chain that focuses on providing users with security, scalability, and transparency. These coins operate on a proof-of-stake (PoS) census mechanism. This new coin supports smart contracts through a Virtual machine. Below are some features of this EcoChian (ECO) Coin:

  • Security and Scalability: The coin prioritizes security and scalability. Its transaction speed of 560 TPS ensures faster transaction confirmation. 

  • A bridge between technology and real-world markets: this platform, leveraging the blockchain, acts as a bridge between the technology and the real world. It offers immutability, transparency, and faster transaction capabilities. 

  • Mining and Staking: Unlike traditional mining, ECOChain uses PoS, encouraging more nodes to participate in consensus. Nodes receive rewards for validating transactions, making the network more decentralized and secure. 

  • Where to Buy ECOChain tokens: You can purchase ECOC through cryptocurrency exchanges that support it. 

In simple terms, ECOChain strives to transform the economy and businesses by combining blockchain technology with real-world applications.

5. Metaverse Coin (META)

Metaverse coin (META) is a digital currency that plays an important role in the virtual metaverse. As the metaverse gains high adoption, this token will be the lifeblood of any transaction within the digital universe. Let's examine some of the features of Metaverse coins. 

META is a virtual currency specially designed for use within the metaverse environment. META token holders can engage in a wide variety of activities, such as purchasing virtual goods and services, acquiring digital lands, clothing, avatars, weapons, vehicles, and much more.

Regarding utility and functionality, these tokens grant holders access to create content and explore immersive metaverses. Some META tokens also offer membership in specific communities.

Its use cases include the following:

  • Avatar Customization: META enables users to dress up their avatars with fashionable clothing and accessories and give them personalized looks.

  • Virtual Real Estate: META can be used to buy and sell virtual land, properties, and spaces within the metaverse.

  • Gaming and Entertainment: Gamers can use META tokens for in-game purchases, upgrades, and interactions.

  • Community Participation: META fosters community engagement, allowing users to join metaverse-specific groups, events, and social networks.

  • Investment Potential: As the metaverse ecosystem grows, META tokens may appreciate in value. Investors and enthusiasts closely monitor their market performance, considering factors such as adoption, technological advancements, and overall metaverse trends.

The current market cap of METa is about $36 Billion. If you are too interested in META tokens, subscribe to the newsletter or join the community on social media handles to keep yourself updated.

6. DeFiPrime (DFP)

DeFiPrime (DFP) is an integral part of the decentralized finance movement. It continues to disrupt the traditional financial system. It has a wide range of use cases and a high potential for returns. Let us study this token in a bit more detail.

DeFi Transformation: This finance system utilizes decentralized networks to change traditional financial workings. These networks do not require any intermediaries to operate.

Users can participate in various DeFi services without relying on centralized Institutions. Whether lending, borrowing, yield farming, or liquidity provision, DFP facilitates these activities within the DeFi ecosystem.

Get weekly updates from the DeFiPrime post; they provide bite-sized weekly updates covering any recent developments, trends, important announcements, etc.

You can track DFP using the DeFiPrime price chart to get real-time price updates.

7. QuantumToken (QNT)

QuantumToken (QNT) is a significant player in decentralized finance (DeFi). Let's see what this best new crypto to buy now has to offer its users.

The QunatumToken was launched in June 2018 to address the interoperability issue. It connects various blockchain networks globally while maintaining efficiency and interoperability. It stands as the first project to address this concern by developing the world's first blockchain operating system. 

At its core, Quantum operates as an operating system for distributed ledger technology, specifically the Overledger Network. This network serves as the foundation for the future digital economy ecosystem. Developers can build decentralized multi-chain applications (MApps) on Overledger, bridging the gap between different blockchains.

QNT serves as a utility token within the Quant ecosystem. It facilitates interactions and transactions. Developers building MApps on Overledger must hold a certain amount of QNT tokens. Additionally, QNT is used to pay fees within the network.

The project’s co-founders include Gilbert Verdian - With over 20 years of industry experience, Verdian has worked on upgrading security, technology, and business strategies globally. His vision for interoperability emerged while working in the healthcare sector.

Another co-founder is Dr. Paolo Tasca. An entrepreneur and digital economist specializing in distributed systems, Dr. Tasca has advised the EU Parliament, the United Nations, and central banks worldwide on blockchain technologies.

The current price of QNT is around $123.13 USD with a market cap of $1.51 Billion USD. You may keep this coin on your watchlist, as this token is going to reshape the DeFi landscape.

8. ArtCoin (ART)

These asset-based tokens derive their value from owning physical assets such as fine artwork, masterpieces, sculptures, or any other real-world item. Unlike speculative cryptocurrencies, ArtCoin is tied to the tangible art asset's value. It is among the stablecoins pegged to exchange-traded artworks, paintings, and sculptures. Its price stability is maintained by linking it to the physical art piece's value.

Tokenomics and market data:

Tokens in circulation: Currently, there are 300 million tokens in circulation.

Max Supply: The maximum coded supply of Artcoin is also 300 Million tokens.

Market cap: The current market cap of ArtCoin is around $142 Million 

Exchange Trading: ArtCoin Tokens can be traded on a decentralized crypto exchange, with Xt.com being one of the popular trading platforms for ArtCoin trading.

Thus, Altcoin bridges the gap between the digital and physical art worlds, allowing investors and art enthusiasts to partake in the creative financing platform. 


In conclusion, the crypto market in 2024 offers the best new crypto to buy now in 2024. All coins have a diverse array of investment opportunities, a unique value proposition, and high growth potential. SGAZE leads the pack with its immersive racing simulation. All the other coins also have unique use cases and functionalities.

Although all the coins listed above have alluring return potential, as always, every investor should conduct thorough research and exercise due diligence before making any investment decisions in the volatile world of cryptocurrencies.

Disclaimer: Analytics Insight does not provide financial advice or guidance. Also note that the cryptocurrencies mentioned/listed on the website could potentially be scams, i.e. designed to induce you to invest financial resources that may be lost forever and not be recoverable once investments are made. You are responsible for conducting your own research (DYOR) before making any investments. Read more here.

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