5 Reasons Why you Should Invest In Dogecoin, Raboo and JASMY

Some new coins and projects in the cryptocurrency market are starting to make waves. Examples include Dogecoin, Raboo and JASMY. All of these three coins pose to be a great investment opportunity, outing smiles on their holders.

Raboo in particular, although it is yet to launch, has already started showing great signs. It has surpassed over $1.6 Million in presale tokens, which is proof that investors are interested in what it has to offer. The meme coin is on a mission to build a community of creatives. Keep reading to learn why you should invest in these three coins.

Dogecoin proves to be a good investment opportunity despite temporary lows 

Dogecoin (DOGE) is a top coin with a potential for substantial gains. With a market value of over $22 billion, it’s evident DOGE growth is exponential since it launched. The memecoin has experienced a lot of ups and downs, however, it has generated profits for its investors.

Dogecoin (DOGE) is currently trading at $0.1636 after experiencing a 0.69% rise in the last 24 hours. However, investors are confident that it would come back due to its High liquidity and accessibility. Because Dogecoin is more affordable than other top ten cryptocurrencies, it easily attracts new investors. Additionally it can be kept in various wallets, making it more useful and accessible. 

Dogecoin has been integrated into various services and platforms over the years. DOGE makes it possible for users to tip content producers on social networking sites. Dogecoin ticks almost all the boxes of a good investment opportunity.

JASMY Continues on it bullish run 

The JASMY coin has been on a continuous bullish run for a long while now. JASMY is currently trading at $0.0387 with 0.85% decrease in the last 24 hours. JASMY provides its users the safety they need to use data online.

Serving as a platform at the nexus of blockchain and IoT, JASMY’s network provides an innovative approach to safe, decentralized data management. Jasmy is establishing a new benchmark for security and privacy in the digital era by giving consumers control over their data and offering an encrypted foundation for Internet of Things devices.

Raboo: New memecoin sees 60% increase in presale

Raboo is an AI backed memecoin, designed from the finest blend of cutting edge technology. It presents itself as not just a token, but the ticket to the future of memes. Raboo delivers true innovation in contrast to most meme currencies that are purely driven by fads in online culture. It is currently in Stage 4 of its presale. Its presale token is selling for $0.0048. Raboo has experienced a 60% increase since its first Stage, proving that investors are interested.

Additionally, users can monetise their social media activities using Raboo's "Post-to-Earn" program, which adds even more incentives for community involvement and participation. This creative strategy engages people and maintains their active participation in the project.

With a predicted 233% increase during the presale and a potential 100x increase after listing, Raboo is a desirable choice for investors looking to make significant gains. With over 8,000 registered users, safe to say the predictions might come through.


All three coins, Dogecoin, Raboo and Jasmy have proven to be a great investment opportunity. They are all designed to provide solutions to problems, hence their usefulness is unquestionable.

Raboo being the newest of all gives the biggest possible reward. Analysts predict a huge reward for early investors once it launches.

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