3 NFT Collections That Will Take Over in July 2023: DigiToads, Azuki, BAYC

3 NFT Collections That Will Take Over in July 2023: DigiToads, Azuki, BAYC

If you are looking to explore something new in the world of cryptocurrencies, NFTs can be a good option to explore. These digital assets have taken over the crypto-verse with the power of monetization of content — be it fashion, art, gaming, or sports. While there are many altcoins to watch out for, NFTs allow you to earn passive income that's separate from a token's market performance. To that end, DigiToads (TOADS) is a cutting-edge stake-to-earn platform where users can stake their NFTs and earn rewards. In addition, NFT holders will also be eligible for many other perks.

DigiToads: A user-friendly staking mechanism 

DigiToads is a top-notch decentralized platform that has managed to carve a niche for itself despite being rolled out just a few months ago. The Ethereum-based platform has a dynamic model that captures the utility of three cryptocurrencies. The multi-dimensional model offers enhanced utility to users with which they can earn passive income. The opportunities that users can explore on DigiToads include staking, participating in Web 3.0 games, trading, entering prize draws, and bagging rewards for active engagement with the platform. 

The platform's native cryptocurrency is called the TOADS token and it's the medium of exchange. The token has been topping many analysts' best cryptocurrency ico lists because of its presale growth. In its nine presale stages, the cryptocurrency project has raised over $5.9 million, so far.

If you are looking for a beginner-friendly NFT staking mechanism, DigiToads can be a good option to consider. The staking pool is maintained by diverting 2% of all TOADS transactions. The rewards will vary as longer staking durations will draw higher rewards and vice versa. 

DigiToads' play-to-earn game is one of its key USPs.  The game is based in a Metaverse swamp where players try to defeat their competitors to bag high scorers. The players who rank among the top 25% of the scorers in a season are rewarded with TOADS tokens. Players can purchase TOAD NFTs representing their DigiToads and battle it out against other users. 

In the coming months, the DigiToads team will also be rolling out an official merchandise range that fans can purchase. The tokens collected from the sale of the merchandise range will be donated to an organization that is working to conserve the environment. These organizations will be selected through a vote among community members. If you are looking for the best cryptocurrency to buy, DigiToads ticks off all the right boxes and has a user-friendly interface.

Bored Ape Yacht Club headed for the bear club?

The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) is another NFT collection where users can explore these blockchain-based assets without any restrictions. One can look forward to choosing between 10,000 ape avatars that are represented as NFTs. Each of these apes has a specific set of traits that makes them unique. By becoming NFT owners, crypto users will also gain access to membership to an exclusive club. The club's perks include access to a collaborative graffiti board called 'The BATHROOM'. Despite the popularity of the platform in the past, the  BAYC price has been sinking. Given its past performance and data from market indicators, analysts feel that the BYAC collection is likely to stay bearish for the time being.

Azuki launches new NFT edition

Azuki is a decentralized platform for purchasing NFTs that are represented as avatars. Azuki users can choose from a collection of 10,000 avatars and give their owners access to 'The Garden'  — where Web 3.0 developers, artists, and innovators are building the solutions that can catalyze the future of the decentralized finance ecosystem. By holding the NFTs, Azuki users are eligible for a range of perks including airdrops and rewards. The platform hit the headlines recently after it unveiled its limited-series 20,000-piece NFT edition called 'The Elementals. The NFTs are inspired by the four elements found in the Azuki ecosystem — earth water, lightning, and air. 


If you are stuck thinking about what NFTs should I buy, DigiToads, Bored Ape Yacht Club, and Azuki can be good projects to consider. But, if it's long-term gains that you are after, most analysts would recommend narrowing your search to DigiToads. The Ethereum-based meme coin, DigiToads NFT collection, and its hybrid DeFi model ensure that crypto users have the freedom to explore different opportunities to earn residual income. Plus, with a decentralized governance system, DigiToads encourages users to participate in operations and decisions related to changes in the DigiToads protocol

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