Crucial Facts about CompTIA Network+ Credential and How It Is Useful for Your Junior System Engineer Career

June 16, 2020


CompTIA Network+ and Its Exam

Recently CompTIA has updated and reorganized their certifications and it is time to see what it has in store for you. One of the reasons for this is the constant and frequent technological advancements which require specific skill sets at the workplace. Some of the most popular CompTIA credentials are the Network+, Server+, PenTest+, and CCT+. In this part, we will explain the Network+ badge and its test.

The CompTIA Network+ badge is an entry-level certification which validates the holder’s competency and skills in regards to configuring, managing, and troubleshooting networks. For you to possess this accreditation, you have to tackle and pass N10-007 test. This assessment will cost you $329 and the minimum passing score is 720 points out of possible 900. During the test, you will be required to answer 90 questions within 90 minutes. The questions are performance-based, multiple choice, and drag and drop format. Possessing the A+ Practice Test and at least 9-12 months of networking experience is advised before applying for this exam. As you can see, the assessment is costly, and passing it won’t come easy, therefore, you should put effort into effective exam preparation in order to succeed in it on the first attempt. Some of those effective prep tools are outlined below. Keep reading to find out more.


Effective Exam N10-007 Study Resources

Exam-LabsTest N10-007 covers five major domains: networking concepts, network security, infrastructure, network operations, network troubleshooting, and tools. In order to cover all the topics, it is advised to use different study resources to make your exam prep process more efficient. Some of the most common and helpful study materials include:

  • Exam dumps

The use of braindumps is an effective exam prep tool as long as they consist of real questions from past exams and their correct answers that are constantly updated. Also, there are special players such as the ETE or VCE Exam Simulator that can be used to open the dumps. These players as well enable you to explore the actual exam environment so that you have an idea for what to expect. There are various sources of exam dumps and you should be keen on obtaining them from reliable platforms such as and

  • Training

CompTIA has teamed up with its official training partners in order to offer training options to students all over the globe. The most popular alternatives for your prep can be in the form of comprehensive e-learning or instructor-led interactive courses for both teams and individuals. To ensure that the content taught is high-quality, the vendor ensures that materials used for training are from the Official CompTIA Content, i.e. it is aligned with CompTIA Network+ Practice Test objectives and the instructors are certified in the discipline they teach.

  • Study guides

Study guides give a guideline of how and what to study while preparing for exams. They offer students extensive self-paced learning experience. Books for N10-007 test can be obtained either in the print format or as e-books from online book stores such as the official CompTIA Store and Amazon. One of the best books for this exam is the CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Certification Guide published with the OCC (Official CompTIA Content).

Books can also be complemented by the use of exam preparation videos. CompTIA has joined forces with ITProTV to offer quality and interactive videos where concepts examined in N10-007 assessment are explained and moderated by the Network+ experts.

  • Virtual labs

N10-007 assessment contains performance-based questions which can be prepared for effectively by using virtual labs. These lab sessions are offered by CertMaster and simulate topics examined.


Duties of a Junior System Engineer

Effective exam preparation leads to success in N10-007, which finally leads to earning the CompTIA Security+ Practice Test badge. Once you possess this credential, you can hold job positions such as a junior network administrator, junior system engineer, and network support specialist in reputable companies such as HP, Dell, Canon, and Ricoh. According to, as a junior system engineer, you will earn an average salary of $57,391 and some of your duties will include:

  • Installing, testing, and maintaining the network’s hardware components, and operating systems.
  • Managing and monitoring LAN and WAN networks.
  • Reviewing system requirements for client’s data and advising on suitable hardware and software to use.
  • Performing standard routine hardware and software audits.
  • Being on the look-out for any threats and vulnerabilities on the network and addressing such concerns.
  • Developing solutions to make the network more efficient and resilient.


CompTIA Network+ Certification Renewal

It is to be noted that the Network+ badge expires 3 years from the date of your taking the exam. There are three main options for renewal. These are:

  • Taking and passing a higher-level certification exam and obtaining advanced badges.
  • Passing the most current version of the CompTIA N10-007 test provided.
  • Gaining a certain number of CompTIA Continuing Education Units (CEUs) by participating in activities listed on the CompTIA official website. Some of the activities for earning CEUs include attending CompTIA training courses, conferences, and live webinars. For the Network+ badge recertification, you have to earn 30 CEUs after which the credential is renewed for 3 more years.



Possessing the CompTIA Network+ credential is the first step in creating a career in networking and in earning other related higher-level certifications. Yet, to earn this badge, you need to use the most effective study resources to ensure you ace the CompTIA N10-007 assessment at the first attempt. Invest your money and time in efficient exam preparation, succeed in the test, and enjoy the benefits of becoming a junior system engineer.