Cost-effective automation of tasks and processes via VBA, Macros, PowerQuery and Python

Havish Madhvapaty

The constant innovation in new technologies in this rapidly changing world is significantly inducing disruption across industries globally. The velocity and scope of this disruption is forcing companies to embrace new technologies, avail their benefits and drive innovation across business processes.

While the industry increasingly moves towards technologies such as cloud solutions, RPA, BI, ML and AI etc. – there is a new and significant gap being created in the market. This happens since the deployment of these frameworks and systems involve massive integration issues at the backend. Havish Madhvapaty, Founder – Havish M. Consulting, enables organizations to ensure a smooth integration as well as upskilling and retraining of employees.

Under his leadership, the company provides Analytics, Business Intelligence and Business Automation solutions, and is dedicated to helping organizations make the most of their investment in Microsoft Applications (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and Power BI).

The transformational idea is of providing firms with agile, modular, and cost-effective solutions for automation of tasks and process improvements using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), Macros, Power Query and Python.

Additionally, the company offers completely customized Add-Ins created for Microsoft Office. Havish M. Consulting has been able to bring their domain expertise and create solutions for various functional areas using their extensive knowledge of VBA, Excel and XML, thereby enabling organizations to reduce repetitive tasks and subsequently improve TAT.

According to Havish, the company has enabled organizations to reduce redundancies, improve efficiencies and reduce manpower costs by automating tasks. Using the services of Havish M. Consulting, teams are enabled to perform self-service Business Intelligence too.

The team at Havish M. Consulting works across various significant sectors and organizations including Sterlite Power, DCM Shriram, Cvent, Businessworld, Big Four, etc.

Havish Madhvapaty believes that educating the market and keeping a track of new and evolving technologies is a constant challenge, as well as the challenge of reskilling, upskilling and retraining of employees.

Another unique feature of the company is their exclusive research and analytics partnership with Businessworld magazine where they present original corporate surveys regularly. Working as Knowledge Partner along with several high-profile Rankings including Pitch Top 50 Brands, Pitch Most Influential CMOs also provides an edge to the company in an extensively innovative and competitive environment.