Top 10 Hybrid Cloud Security Companies to Know in 2022

Top 10 Hybrid Cloud Security Companies to Know in 2022

Let us have a look at the top 10 hybrid cloud security companies to know in 2022

The advancement in technology has opened doors of opportunities for businesses in every possible way. However, on the flip side, cyberattacks have also increased over time. This is exactly where cloud security companies come into the picture. They aim at protecting the cloud data from hacking, leakage, theft, and a lot more. On that note, let us have a look at the top 10 hybrid cloud security companies to know in 2022.

Aqua Security

This cloud security company aims at improving its cloud products so that they not only acquire additional customers but also educates the market about cloud-native security. Off late, Aqua Security had purchased a start-up Argon to thwart third-party threats further ensuring that the software supply chain is secure.


Cisco has evolved to become the world's foremost Computer Networking Company that makes, expands, and sells high technology products & services, domain security, networking hardware, etc. Ever since its inception in 1984, this cloud security company has put in efforts to help its users to protect their data and application by blocking the threats in advance.


Proofpoint, the foremost security and Compliance Company, has gained popularity for its objective of protecting sensitive data related to business through cloud-based email security and compliance solutions. It offers enterprise and corporate-level cloud-based encryption solutions.


Yet another leader in Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) that carved a niche for itself in the cloud security domain is Skyhigh. It has played a pivotal role in helping enterprises to tackle data security challenges in the cloud. It has made this possible by enforcing data security policies and defending against the threats in the best possible manner.


Recently, iboss came up with some exceptional features – that expand the Cloud Access Security Broker functionality, and security and data leakage protection abilities. No wonder why this hybrid cloud security company makes it to the list of the top 10 hybrid cloud security companies to know in 2022.


What sets Netskope apart from the rest is the very fact that it uses some patented technology to provide security over various networks like remote, corporate, mobile, etc. Rough security policies, advanced cloud technologies, unique cloud-scale architecture, etc., are a few of the many reasons why organizations rely on Netskope.


In no time, Symantec has emerged to become the world's foremost Computer Software and Cyber Security Company to safeguard the data of the organizations. This company became the leader in data loss prevention, cloud generation security and website security, email, etc.


Ever since its establishment in 2015, Twistlock has provided uninterrupted and end-to-end security for containerized applications. Its highly developed intelligence and centralized platform are definitely worth a mention as it aims at protecting the environment from next-generation threats, malware, exploits, etc.


Hytrust, a Cloud Security Automation company, has automated the security controls related to networking, computing, etc. Right from cloud and virtualization security, and cloud encryption to encryption key management, and automated compliance, Hytrust has got it all.


Sophos is one of the top 10 hybrid cloud security companies to know in 2022 for every right reason – it offers services like simplified enterprise-level security solutions, modernized plans or aims, improved safety, locating the threats more rapidly, exploring them, etc.

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