Chethan KR: Harnessing Data to Strategize Better Businesses Outcomes with Machine Learning

Chetan KR

SynctacticAI serves organizations that are yet to or actively pursuing data-driven thinking. The company provides a Data Science Platform that helps people unlock and understand their data to build smarter businesses at scale. The company wants to help business leaders bring in data-driven thinking in their lives without adding pressure on teams, budgets, or technological choices.

SynctacticAI provides an end-to-end platform where anyone can come connect their data sources, define workflows, visualize insights and build ML/AI models. Teams can collaborate with each other while working on a single source of truth for all their data needs. The flexibility of Hybrid Multi-cloud provides data teams the power to optimize their workflows and bring in data or store data anywhere they please, right from On-Premise to any of the cloud providers.

The company provides unprecedented scaling, computing and storage power through its  Hybrid Multi-Cloud and Kubernetes-powered architecture.


A Visionary Leadership

As Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chethan KR looks at setting the vision for his company’s platform, deriving growth strategies and establishing partnerships with industries. As a startup leader people tend to be everywhere and across every aspect of the company but having derived great focus, SynctacticAI has split across responsibilities among the leadership team.


Leveraging the Power of Data Through Customized Mechanisms 

Today, digitalization is a worldwide data-oriented phenomenon as the explosive growth of digital transactions is creating the biggest funnel for nascent business and economic models. Chethan believes that Artificial Intelligence is the forefront of this. However, using the data most efficiently is still a concern as reported by noted researchers.

At SynctacticAI, the team is getting the data ready for AI. The aim of the company is straightforward: design a simple tool that enables people to harness the power of their data. That is what SynctacticAI is: a platform-as-a-service,  dedicated to AI and Machine learning. It lets people create customized business applications, industrialize them and rapidly deploy them in a secure environment. The platform automatically covers the entire value chain, from data extraction to retrieval, via all the data management options. Built with the latest web technology, it brings power and flexibility to data processing in a business environment.


Collaborative Efforts for Tracing Core Vision

Being a serial entrepreneur, every venture is learning. What people carry from one venture to another is the fact of knowing “what not to do”. SynctacticAI was formed with the core vision of using AI for increasing operational efficiency, deriving better business forecasting and solving any problem that humans couldn’t solve. The need for having a great technical partner is very important and currently, the company’s co-founder and CTO Ashish Koushik fills that gap for Chethan.

Ashish brings in complete out-of-the-box and innovative thinking in technology that in fact makes SynctacticAI a good team and different from others in the market.


Positioning Success Beyond Challenges 

According to the founders, the biggest challenge is educating the businesses on how important is data-driven thinking. Businesses consider having AI/ML is a cool jargon or good to have feature, but showing them how data-driven initiative or AI/ML at the core of their business brings impact to their business is the toughest challenge.

Currently, SynctacticAI sees the market lighten up with the use of AI/ML and realizing the importance of data is making things easy for it to position its platform at the heart of its organization and bringing data science to more people.


Embracing Disruption to Build Innovative Products

Building a unique platform that is relevant and innovative was the key, alongside ensuring, the SynctacticAI’s team crafted smarter methodologies to stay ahead of the peers which also helped in creating its niche in the industry. Embracing the Agile and Lean framework, getting the product out sooner in the market and allowing the customers to validate the ideas helped the company to be relevant.


Optimistic Future Roadmap

SynctacticAI carries an optimistic view of the future and definitely believes AI/ML will be the driving factor. The company is confident that with technology moving at a rapid speed and adoption that is currently happening in these markets, it sees large customers and specifically enterprises to adopt its solutions. SynctacticAI has currently on-boarded few veterans and professors from the data fraternity as advisors to help it with its journey.

With an angel investor backing the company, it is currently looking for seed investors to fuel its growth to expand to North America and Singapore markets – with customers across Fintech, IoT, Retail, and Cybersecurity.


Wise Piece of Advice for Emerging Leaders

Being a visionary leader and successful entrepreneur, Chethan suggests budding and emerging business leaders to take calculated risks in their life. According to him if they win they will lead and if they fail they’ll guide.