Top Tech News Today: ChatGPT’s Secret Weapon Exposed: Top AI Experts from Google, Switch to OpenAI. Cryptocurrency is ‘Crazy, Stupid Gambling,’ says a Billionaire Investor

Top Tech News Today: ChatGPT’s Secret Weapon Exposed: Top AI Experts from Google, Switch to OpenAI. Cryptocurrency is ‘Crazy, Stupid Gambling,’ says a Billionaire Investor

At least a dozen Google AI employees have just been stolen by OpenAI! Read more tech news

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What's New Today: On ChatGPT Rival Bard, Google Provides Employees A List of "Do's And Don'ts".

Fast-Track Insights: XRP and ADA are Trashed by The CEO Of the Financial Data Business Estimize. Why?

According to the information, OpenAI has just hired at least 12 former Google AI employees. These engineers have been essential to the development of ChatGPT. In fact, OpenAI began the "poaching" activity very early for the benefit of ChatGPT. At least five Google employees were covertly hired by OpenAI in the weeks before ChatGPT went live in order to complete the necessary final touches and launch ChatGPT in November. A Google researcher who was in charge of creating machine learning models for the search engine was hired by OpenAI. Unknowingly, OpenAI has repurposed some of the early-stage AI technologies developed by Google into new revenue-generating services like chatbots and AI that create images and films out of text. The skills of Google have also. Google has slowly lost ground to such small start-ups in terms of talent.

Prabhakar Raghavan, Google's vice president of search, issued an email to staff members asking for their assistance in ensuring that the company's new ChatGPT competitor receives accurate responses. The email, which was first made public by CNBC, includes a link to a page with dos and don'ts and guidelines on how staff members should correct answers as they test Bard internally. Google offers suggestions for what staff members should think about "before teaching Bard" at the top of the "dos and don'ts" section. Some of the dos and don'ts mentioned in the email sent to Google workers are listed below. According to Google, comments should be "pleasant, easygoing and approachable," written in the first person, and have an "unopinionated, neutral tone." Dos and Don'ts Avoid forming assumptions based on racial, national, gender, age, religious, sexual, or ideological characteristics.

Trustworthy AI is an unachievable goal unless you understand what standards must be set. In an interview with Times of India, Arjan Durresi, a professor of computer science and a Purdue researcher based in Indianapolis, discussing the importance of instilling transparency and training AI to be trustworthy, said AI is in a transition phase. Many companies are eager to adopt AI will connect to his words. While on one hand, it has become a must-have technology, on the other hand trusting the outcomes has become a rather difficult proposition. Read More

Charlie Munger, a multibillionaire investor, is not a fan of cryptocurrencies. At the Daily Journal Corporation's annual shareholder meeting on Wednesday, the vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway referred to the virtual currency as "worthless." He is a director of the publishing firm. "I sometimes refer to it as crypto "crappo," and other times as "crypto s—-." During a live broadcast of the event, Munger, 99, told CNBC's Becky Quick that it was absurd that anyone would purchase this merchandise and added: "It's totally utterly foolish idiotic gambling." Cryptocurrency proponents contend that compared to conventional financial institutions, digital assets provide greater privacy, security, faster transaction times, and lower costs.

XRP and Cardano (ADA), two of the top ten cryptocurrencies, have come under fire from Leigh Drogen, CEO of financial data platform Estimize, who dubbed them "totally utterly useless." In a recent tweet, Drogen described these two well-known cryptocurrencies as "totally utterly useless," and he projected that in the ensuing market cycle, their market share would shift to assets that "really operate and matter." Drogen stated that there were still $20 billion and $14 billion, respectively, of entirely pointless market capitalizations linked to XRP and ADA. The analyst continued, "In the next cycle, that's going to flow to something that genuinely works and matters."

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