Top Tech News: ChatGPT Training with Major Publications

Top Tech News: ChatGPT Training with Major Publications

News corps permits ChatGPT access to major publications for training

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What’s New Today: IAF Agniveervayu Musician Recruitment 2024

Fast-Track Insights: US House approves crypto bill despite SEC warning

ChatGPT, the popular chatbot, will soon be able to read articles from The Wall Street Journal and The London Times, according to OpenAI, the ChatGPT developer. OpenAI has signed a multi-year deal with News Corp, owned by media mogul Rupert Murdoch, to allow ChatGPT to show users information and use the content as training material for the software. The deal also allows ChatGPT to access current and archived material from News Corp titles, such as The New York Post, The Sun, and other News Corp titles. In recent years, OpenAI has also made deals with other media organizations, such as Germany's Axel Springer Group, Le Monde in France, and The Financial Times in the United Kingdom. In December, the New York Times filed a lawsuit against OpenAI, claiming that ChatGPT was trained with the newspaper’s articles without permission.

The IAF (Indian Air Force) has opened the application procedure for Agniveerna(Musician) posts to be filled by unmarried Indian men and women. The 01 / 2025 intake scheme will be open for application from today (22 May) at 11 AM to June 5 at 11 PM.

You can apply online through the official website of the IAF, The recruitment process will be held from 3 July to 12 July at 3 ASC c/o AF stn Kanpur and at 7 ASC, no 1 Cubbon road, Bengaluru. This includes musical instrument proficiency tests, English written tests, Physical fitness tests I and II, Adaptability tests II, and Medical Appointments

The European Union is poised to enact historic EU AI Regulations on artificial intelligence, marking a significant milestone in the digital age. This legislative endeavor aims to create a balanced ecosystem where AI can thrive responsibly. By establishing these regulations, the EU seeks to set a framework that ensures AI's advancements are united with ethical standards and human rights. This move could potentially set a global benchmark, influencing how AI is governed worldwide. As the EU charts a course through this new frontier, it endeavors to foster innovation while upholding the principles of transparency, accountability, and fairness in the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence. Read more

The US House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved a bill Wednesday that seeks to establish a new regulatory regime for digital currencies despite a rare warning from the nation’s securities regulator that it could lead to new financial dangers. The bill, sponsored by Republicans, was approved by the House on a bipartisan vote of 279-136. It is unclear whether the Senate will follow suit. Supporters of the bill in Congress say it will improve regulatory clarity and foster the industry’s development. The House’s vote comes on the heels of the SEC’s announcement that it is likely to allow spot ether E-trade fund applications in an unexpected boost for the industry.

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