Top ChatGPT Plugins to Supercharge Developer Productivity

Supercharge Your Developer Productivity with Top ChatGPT Plugins In the Year 2024
Top ChatGPT Plugins to Supercharge Developer Productivity

Software development is a dynamic area, and it is imperative to ensure productivity when delivering solutions to various clients. The recently released OpenAI language model, ChatGPT, has proved itself to be a valuable tool in a developer’s toolkit, providing code writing help, debugging suggestions, and many others. Many plugins have been designed to increase the number of benefits to obtain the highest benefits.

However, the software has many enhancements as will be discussed in the following section. Below, I present a list of the most useful ChatGPT plugins that can help improve your productivity as a developer.

1. CodeGPT


Codegpt is an open-source tool for generative, refactoring, and debugging code. It can also suggest perfect codes for you right from your fingertips and even write repetitive codes for you.

Key Features:

Autocompletion and code suggestions.

Code refactoring tools.

Integrated debugging assistance.


Such as saving time in typing code that is repetitive and doesn’t add much value to the overall code.

Besides, to optimize the code, the app comes up with intelligent suggestions.

That breaks up the debugging process and makes it run much more quickly.

2. GitHub Copilot


By the name donated by its founder, GitHub, Copilot is a type of code completion assisted by artificial intelligence that can be perfectly matched with editor programs like VS Code. When you type code, it provides auto-completion suggestions that depend on the context.

Key Features:

Contextual code completions.

Multi-language support.

Integration with VS Code.


Helps in increasing the coding speed as it provides code snippets necessary for coding.

Supports multiple programming languages.

Typing with auto-suggestions improves coding speed and offers efficient solutions.

3. Tabnine


Tabnine is another AI-aided code completion tool that employs machine learning algorithms to predict the final code that is likely to be produced by the client. It works with various base development tools and can support various languages.

Key Features:

AI-driven code completions.

Mr Hudson integrates with several existing programming tools by leveraging the support provided by popular IDEs and editors.

Groups-oriented team training for customized recommendations.


Enhances coding speed and reduces the chances, which are possibilities of making errors during coding.

Adaptive: able to provide code suggestions that are relevant to the user’s coding preference.

Also adaptable to team-specific models that work alongside this concept.

4. Kite


Kite is another AI tool which helps a coder with completions, documents, and examples out of the set of all possible statements. It can be plugged in to most key code editors and aids a programmer to type code as well as enhance its productivity.

Key Features:

Intelligent code completions.

In-line documentation.

Code examples and snippets.


  • Fixes at skill level fail to provide in-line help, which means that it minimizes context switching.

  • It helps in coding faster by providing the appropriate completions for the block of code being written.

  • Improves concreteness of the text by supplementing it with code.

5. ChatGPT Code Reviewer


The ChatGPT Code Reviewer plugin automates the code review process by providing feedback on code quality, potential issues, and best practices. It integrates with code repositories and CI/CD pipelines.

Key Features:

  • Automated code reviews.

  • Feedback on code quality and best practices.

  • Integration with GitHub and CI/CD tools.


  • Ensures consistent code quality.

  • Saves time on manual code reviews.

  • Identifies potential issues early in the development cycle.


Integrating these ChatGPT plugins into your development workflow can significantly enhance your productivity and efficiency. From intelligent code completion and debugging assistance to automated code reviews, these tools provide valuable support at every stage of the development process. By leveraging these plugins, you can focus more on building and innovating, and less on repetitive tasks and debugging.

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