Top 5 Amazing and Worst Tasks ChatGPT Can Do

Top 5 Amazing and Worst Tasks ChatGPT Can Do

The top 5 amazing and top 5 worst tasks ChatGPT can do are enlisted in this article

Top 5 Amazing Tasks and Top 5 Worst Tasks ChatGPT Can Do open up new opportunities and greatly increase your business productivity and its constraints. The success of ChatGPT has prompted corporations like Google, Microsoft, and Meta, as well as various startups, to develop comparable AI technologies to keep them afloat in the burgeoning digital field. While ChatGPT allows users to ask questions, generate content, and detect and fix bugs in code, it is important to note that the true core of the AI tool is not how creative it is, but how natural it seems when people engage with it.

  1. Automate tasks and workflows: ChatGPT can take care of your routines and workflows. It can handle time-consuming, repetitious day-to-day tasks. It may, for example, organize meetings, make event reminders, manage your mailbox, and reply to messages such as emails, reviews, or social media comments.

  2. Coding Assistant: It can develop and debug code. ChatGPT beat over 85% of the four million programmers who took the Python exam on the LinkedIn platform, according to a coding assessment test done by England's Centre for Finance, Technology, and Entrepreneurship.

  3. Search Engine: ChatGPT functions as a sophisticated search engine, offering contextually appropriate replies to user inquiries rather than just sharing links, as seen in typical search engines. ChatGPT has been trained on data till 2021 because it is a new technology. However, its recent merger with Microsoft's Bing search engine in February 2023 assured that Bing had the correct data to present.

  4. Create Content: ChatGPT can help you develop ideas and create content. For example, it can include ideas for generating content for a YouTube channel, recommendations for ways to celebrate a friend's birthday, business ideas for increasing your company's productivity, and so on.

  5. Generate Movie Scripts, Stories, and Song Lyrics: When you supply specifics on the selected movie genre and the characters who will appear in it, ChatGPT may produce screenplay-style movie screenplays. In addition, ChatGPT may easily compose songs and poetry on any theme.

  1. Errors in Content and Code: On several occasions, ChatGPT provided erroneous and biased replies and utilized repeating words, lowering the overall quality of the information.

  2. Limited Data Access: Data was used to training ChatGPT till 2021. As a result, it has no access to data or events that occurred after 2021. Today, if a company employs ChatGPT for day-to-day operations, it may lose trust owing to the AI tool's access to out-of-date information. As a result of its restricted data availability, ChatGPT cannot always provide correct findings.

  3. Verify Legal and Ethical Issues: While ChatGPT provides a wide range of content, it can present concerns of copyright infringement and privacy, since sensitive information could be exploited to identify or damage persons. ChatGPT cannot check the legality or ethical difficulties involved with the information it creates since it is unaware that it can generate copyrighted content or stuff that breaches privacy concerns.

  4. Lacks Critical Thinking Ability: ChatGPT and other AI technologies lack the critical thinking skills required to handle difficult situations. When a user asks a multi-tiered inquiry, the chatbot is unable to grasp the intricacies of the topic, resulting in erroneous replies. Furthermore, ChatGPT cannot learn and adapt without human interaction.

  5. Personalized Advice: While ChatGPT gives basic information and opinions on a variety of topics, it cannot provide specific guidance on problems that vary according to an individual's condition, preferences, and aspirations. ChatGPT lacks access to all of the personal information that human advisers may supply, resulting in a lack of understanding and empathy.

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