Italy Ready to Reopen ChatGPT if OpenAI Agrees to Make Useful Changes

Italy Ready to Reopen ChatGPT if OpenAI Agrees to Make Useful Changes

Italy's data protection watchdog head said in an interview that the Italy ready to reopen ChatGPT

Pasquale Stanzione, the head of Italy's data protection watchdog, said in an interview on Tuesday that the Italy ready to reopen ChatGPT if they make useful changes on April 30. After the authority temporarily restricted its handling of personal data and launched an investigation into a possible violation of privacy laws, Microsoft Corporation-backed OpenAI put ChatGPT down in Italy in late March.

When ChatGPT was made available to create essays, songs, examinations, and even news pieces from brief prompts, it became a worldwide sensation. However, critics have long lacked a clear understanding of how or from where ChatGPT and its rivals get their data.

The US company OpenAI, which creates ChatGPT, was cited by Italy's data protection authorities as having no legal justification for the extensive gathering and storage of personal data necessary to train the algorithms that underlie the platform's functionality. The authorities also drew attention to the ambiguity around whose data was being collected. The company was accused of exposing youngsters to "absolutely inappropriate answers" and of failing to appropriately handle incorrect answers offered by the chatbot.

Italy ready to reopen ChatGPT only when OpenAI remove their all references to contractual performance and rely with the accountability principle – on either consent or legitimate interest as the applicable legal basis.

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