Is ChatGPT Already Controlling Robots in The Year 2023?

Is ChatGPT Already Controlling Robots in The Year 2023?

ChatGPT already controlling robots in the year 2023 are entitled in this article

Is ChatGPT already controlling robots in the year 2023? Its originator OpenAI is investing in an android start-up the textbox from the Terminator. In recent weeks, much has been published about how linguistically adept artificial intelligence has become. If you tell the language of the bot ChatGPT from the firm OpenAI that you want something hearty, it will write complete recipes or suggest pretzel sticks or chips. Only thing is, people, continue to go to the pantry cupboard on their own.

A few days ago by Google and the Technical University of Berlin. The researchers adapted Google's Palm language model, which is similar to OpenAI's GPT-4 language model, into the Palm-e robot interface. She not only understands complex spoken instructions, but she also writes them in the form of software code for the robot, which is meant to implement them in the physical world.

It's another startling move that demonstrates how effective language models have become in recent months. They began by improving their ability to write poetry or answer exam queries. GPT-4 recently demonstrated its ability to analyze the contents of photographs. OpenAI was surprised with an AppStore for ChatGPT, which connects the language bot with the travel site Expedia or the math platform Wolfram Alpha. Language models are now learning to comprehend the physical world and control robots within it. ChatGPT is gaining limbs, legs, and eyes, as one might say.

Robots Now Listen to Your Word: This could raise the bar for robotics and artificial intelligence in everyday living. Previously, experts had to program robots specifically for each action, which was time-consuming, inefficient, and costly. As a result, robots have primarily been used in factories to perform repetitive jobs under controlled conditions.

In the future, a command in natural language may be sufficient to tell a robot to perform a task in a perplexing environment and the algorithms will determine how the machine performs the task.

The Voice Bot Also Writes the Machine Code: As a roboticist, I'm curious whether such systems can be coupled to the physical world in the same way that language systems can, researcher Toussaint says. This means that they can use information from robotics to solve not only textual but also geometric problems. This is precisely what the experts accomplished with Palm-e. Toussaint explains that you can now display the system as an object in space. Microsoft researchers have trained the voice bot ChatGPT with similar skills. A Microsoft video on the Internet demonstrates how they use a voice bot to assign a drone the task of "finding me a drink." The drone lifts off, circles the room, and eventually lands in front of a table holding a tetra pack of mineral water. That is only the most basic illustration of what the combo of a voice bot and flying robot allows for.

Tesla Is Already Building the Android: Such manoeuvres could be useful for examining high-bay warehouses or checking the damage to big solar parks from the air in the future. Microsoft has already demonstrated in a simulation how drones could use easy voice commands to inspect wind turbines up close. We are excited to bring these technologies to a wider audience.

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