Snapchat Expands its AI Chatbot Capabilities to Create Images

Snapchat Expands its AI Chatbot Capabilities to Create Images

Snapchat expands its AI chatbot capabilities to create images as the firm deepens its work in AI

The company that owns the photo-messaging app Snapchat said its AI chatbot can now respond to users' messages with a fully artificially intelligently created image.

The disclosure was made during Snap's yearly Partner Summit. The business wants to leverage the technology to hasten the development of augmented reality (AR) features According to a statement from Snap, My AI is now freely accessible to all Snapchat users and may be used to answer queries in private chats between friends. Users who pay US$3.99 a month for Snapchat+, the company's premium subscription service, were the first to utilize the chatbot.

According to Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snap, "My AI could help users explore more areas of the Snapchat app by recommending lenses, which can add effects to photos and videos, or use the app's map feature to recommend real-world places to visit."

The essence of our service, communication, is being introduced to AI for the first time, he stated. People are genuinely employing My AI as a tool for creativity or digital visuals superimposed over real-world photographs and videos.

The IT sector has recently turned its attention to generative AI, which can produce unique text or images in response to commands. Using technology developed by company OpenAI's ChatGPT, Snap's chatbot, dubbed My AI, which can assist users with everything from producing poetry to information seeking, was created.

My AI will be able to reply to people with photos created by itself using AI-first technology first on Snapchat+, which has 3 million subscribers, according to Snap.

Concerns regarding whether AI chatbots may plagiarise already published works, deliver incorrect information, or provide damaging results to questions have developed along with the use of AI chatbots.

My AI now has additional safety safeguards, according to Snap, including the ability to temporarily deny access to a user if they persistently ask the chatbot offensive or damaging questions.

According to Spiegel, Snap analyses discussions with My AI and has discovered that 99.5% of the chatbot's replies comply with Snapchat's community standards.

He stated that to "ensure the conversation is age-appropriate," My AI will now take a user's age into account. The Santa Monica, California-based business also announced new augmented reality (AR) mirrors on Wednesday. These mirrors can be set in stores to assist shoppers in visually trying on clothing items or determining which accessories would go best with their ensemble.

According to Snap, the mirrors are used in select locations by the retailers Nike and Men's Warehouse.

The mirrors are part of a business division that Snap introduced last month to assist other businesses in creating augmented reality (AR) experiences for their applications and websites. The project may also assist Snap in expanding outside digital advertising, which presently accounts for the lion's share of its income.

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