Chinese Behemoth Huawei is Also Entering the AI Chatbot Race

Chinese Behemoth Huawei is Also Entering the AI Chatbot Race

This article includes more info about the Chinese Behemoth Huawei's Entry into the AI Chatbot race

OpenAI's ChatGPT is the simulated intelligence of great importance, and except if you've been hiding away somewhere, in a cave perhaps, you probably caught wind of it or utilized it. Companies like Google rushed to develop their versions of the chatbot, but they haven't made much progress as of yet. The chatbot's clever responses have been making headlines. To compete with OpenAI with its version of the chatbot, possibly dubbed NetGPT, it now appears that Chinese superpower Huawei is also entering the AI chatbot race. The organization as of late presented a brand name application for the name to China's brand name patent office.

NetGPT may be Huawei's own AI chatbot. Huawei Central discovered that Huawei has applied to China's trademark patent office to register the "Huawei NetGPT" trademark. The trademark is currently listed as pending and falls under Class 9, which includes scientific instruments. Aside from this, there is no information about NetGPT available.

The trademark application does not include any specifics about NetGPT. However, Huawei's intention to create an AI chatbot system that is comparable to ChatGPT seems obvious given the name "NetGPT." The company has previously stated that it will concentrate on developing more advanced AI technologies rather than incorporating ChatGPT into its products.

While there's no affirmation from the brand yet, we are confident that NetGPT will be Huawei's solution to OpenAI's chatbot. With Huawei entering the market, consumers will have access to a wider variety of options and, in the not-too-distant future, AI chatbots that could be even cooler. Furthermore, with various organizations plunging into the universe of computerized reasoning, there will undoubtedly be a ton of development occurring. Shortly, we ought to acquire additional information regarding this potential chatbot.

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