ChatGPT’s Suno Chatbot Creates Music from Text

ChatGPT’s Suno Chatbot Creates Music from Text

Unleashing ChatGPT's Suno Chatbot to Create Original Music Composition from Text

ChatGPT's Suno Chatbot can create music from text prompts. This innovative chatbot leverages artificial intelligence to translate words into music, opening up new creative possibilities for musicians and music enthusiasts.

The AI music generation platform was first introduced in July 2023 and then moved to open beta and allowed users to test the model in its Discord channel and later the users could generate AI music on its web interface. The platform collaborated with Microsoft in December 2023 to provide an extension for Copilot that enabled Chatbot users to generate songs as well.

According to a report on Sunday, Suno Chatbot generates only original music compositions from simple text prompts. Suno utilizes a sophisticated AI model to generate a 15-second song based on the user's input. The process is swift, with the AI creating a track within a minute after receiving the prompt. The AI platform has both free as well as paid subscriptions – pro and premier. Paid subscribers are provided with general commercial rights to the song, while free subscribers are forbidden from monetizing the songs.

The report also highlighted that the Suno Chatbot model handles music generation, it collaborates with OpenAI's ChatGPT on lyrics and song titles ensuring a seamless integration of music and words. The result is a complete song that resonates with the prompt given by the user.

Suno Chatbot's user-friendly interface makes it accessible to anybody who has an internet connection. Whether you're a seasoned musician or someone with no musical background, Suno offers features for all kinds of users in the realm of music creation. Users have the option to guide the AI with descriptions of genre, vibe, instruments, and themes, which results in two audio segments that often include vocals.

The emergence of Suno Chatbot raises intriguing issues regarding the future of music production and ownership. As AI continues to evolve, it challenges traditional concepts of creativity and authorship. Suno's technology looks into a future where music can be generated by anyone, anywhere, at any time.

The US-based startup has not disclosed the architectural details of its AI models giving rise to a conflicting situation as the source of data that the models are trained in is not known. On this, the US music industry has expressed concerns to regulators over AI models on using copyrighted songs to train the models and create deepfaked songs that mimic the voices of the music artists.

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