CES 2019: Tech Trends to Watch Out For at the Innovative Juncture

by January 7, 2019

The International Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2019 is about to begin from January 8 to January 11, 2019, in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. The event will be comprised of conferences, unveiling of new products and showcase of merchandise dealing in 5G, IoT (Internet of Things), Advertising/Entertainment/Content, Automotive, Blockchain, Health and Wellness, Home appliances, Product/Design/Manufacture, Sports, Startups/Investors and Robotics/Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning.

Reportedly, more than 1.5 lakh industry aces and 75 participant companies are expected to jam in the city for innovative gathering. CES gives us a window into what world will look like in the future. Foldable cell phones, rollable OLED TV, High-Speed 5G technology venturing into the market in coming months will be some of the main highlights of the Vegas event.

Let’s have a quick glimpse of technologies that the CES stage and future industry evolution hold for us.


Artificial Intelligence to penetrate into discrete orbits

Approximately, sixty companies are expected to showcase their products in context to AI and make appearances in almost every category.

Until now, AI was the technology that made voice assistants more meaningful but from now on, TV companies might collaborate with AI to improve image quality, and self-driving cars will employ AI for better efficiency.

AI is one such technology that will be incorporated with several other kind of products. It will not be just allied with voice recognition technologies say Alexa or Google Assistant but also it has a very adaptive and proactive future ahead in different sectors.


OLED 8K TV’s will set new dynamics of entertainment

Big bulls like Samsung, Hisense and Panasonic are expected to show-off their 80-inch giant sets having better image quality with HDR (high dynamic range) and MicroLED screens and some early glimpses of 8K TV which promises to have more dazzling and sharper images. After the arrival of 8K TV, the main entertainment window into the home will become more thrilling and appealing. Television manufacturing companies may add more recognition technology to their products to make it user-friendly at a great extent.


5G; A potential fulcrum of Next Gen

The wireless telecom and data industry has been droning over 5G technology for a couple of years. The technology is expected to take over the market by a boom. From mobile phones to self-driving cars, 5G technology will eventually start rolling by the end of the year. 5G experts will disclose and demonstrate the possible adventures of the cellular technology at CES. Notably, 5G technology supports the speed of 10 gigabits per second on smartphones and promises significant fast data (20 times the greater than the 4G technology) response time of 1 millisecond or less and other enhancements.


Speech recognition technology; a wide integration

More and more companies are collaborating with voice technology into their products; smart speakers and other devices with integrated voice assistants, and are expected to make a poised appearance at CES event.

Voice assistants are being employed in smart displays and even TVs. Samsung 2019 TVs are expected to work on both Alexa and Google Assistant for better performance. Following Google’s last year revelation of first smart display partners, Alexa might jump into collaborating on additional touch screen versions using CES platform.

There is an inference that these tech giants are using CES platform to reach out to various hardware and gadget manufacturers to integrate voice assistant into their products.


A brave new transition of VR and AR innovation

Virtual- and augmented-reality technologies are in an evolutionary phase, where some giants refocusing on business applications and others accelerating over consumer products. We are expected to witness incremental advances, including better tracking hardware along with VR and AR accessories (probably, gaming blaster guns and exercise equipment).


Cars become a new smart home apparently

Consumer Electronic Show 2019 will exhibit the marvels of turbocharged Detroit when it comes to vehicle technology. The roads of Vegas are all set to explore driverless mobility through ride-and-drive experiences. Self-driving cars inhibit a variety of technologies supporting parking assist, collision avoidance, emergency braking and much more. It is true that in the times ahead Cars will apparently become a new smart home for mortals to survive in.

The city of vibrant lifestyle will become even more spirited during the whole week of tech showcase. From above revelations, we can conclude that Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Robotics and other revolutionary technologies will pave their way to the marketplace and give a peek into our incredible future through CES 2019.