Future of Robotics: Technologies That May Stay or Fade Away

In the last decade, the robotics industry has created millions of additional jobs led by consumer electronics and the electric vehicle industry, and by 2020, robotics will be a US$100 billion worth industry, as big as the tourism industry. For

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Analytics Insight Predicts 10,06,945 Job Openings in Artificial Intelligence in 2021

Image Credit: Campus Intelligence New-age technologies such as Deep Learning and Machine Learning have become a synonym for innovation. With accelerating deployment of the digital voice-enabled assistant, Natural Language Processing’s (NLP) linguistic innovations are growing at an exceptional rate. The

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Top Predictions for Robotics Sector to Look For in 2020 and Beyond

The continuous growth and development in technology are driving today’s business operations to a new next level. As companies across diverse industries are always in search of innovative solutions to drive distinctive values, robotics plays a significant role bringing enhanced

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