Natural Language Processing

How NLP Helps Businesses Gain Traction and Harness Their Potential?

The data generated from conversations with customer service representatives and on social media sites is 80 percent of time unstructured. To gain most from such kind of data, organizations are turning to NLP (natural language processing). Notably, NLP gives machines

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Researchers at Google Achieve State-of-the-Art NLP Performance

Recently, researchers at Google have developed a new dataset named Colossal Clean Crawled Corpus and a unified framework and model dubbed Text-to-Text Transformer. It converts language problems into a text-to-text format. According to the researchers, in experiments with one of the

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Top 5 Use Cases of NLP for Better Understanding of Its Potential

Natural Language Processing poses some exciting opportunities across various industries through analysis of the vast amount of data in order to deliver a better quality of service. This branch of AI considered as a critical one for navigating through the

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Top 5 Business Use Cases of NLP and Text Mining

Artificial intelligence technology for organizations is an inexorably prominent topic and everything except unavoidable for most of the organizations. It has the ability to automate support, improve client experiences, and analyze outputs and feedback. While executing AI innovation may sound

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The Brilliance of NLP Streamlines Daily Life of Tech-Accustomed People

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a subset of artificial intelligence which is programmed to understand and analyze spoken or written languages. From translation to business employments, NLP has a wide range of utilization across various industries. For Example: The curse

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BQE Core Intelligence Presents AI-Empowered Digital Financial Advisor For Accounting Firms

The merger of artificial intelligence and machine learning in daily practices of human, generates immensely vital tools for analysis, forecasting, and consultative advice. The AI-powered system automatically performs many recurring tasks if understood once. For example, bank reconciliations, invoicing and

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Tech Giants Experiment Potency of NLP; Assay for Potential Applications of Technology

In order to impart the barriers in terms of language spoken across the globe, Natural Language Processing (NLP) has become a potential arm of Artificial Intelligence. Tech giants like Facebook, Google and others are competing to hone the possible virtues

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Working with Natural Language Processing? Leverage These Techniques to Extract Information

Unstructured data, like text, images and videos contain an information goldmine. However, due to the complexity to analyse and process this data, organisations often refrain from spending extra time and efforts in these unstructured sources of data. Understanding the language

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Top 10 Natural Language Processing Companies in 2018

Natural Language Processing (NLP) has empowered computers to manipulate human language to generate text, extract meaning, and make interactions easier through voice-enabled AI and conversational intelligence technologies. The tasks performed by NLP are categorized according to the priority of the task

Read More : A Pioneering Natural Language Understanding Platform Processing Intelligent Text

With the progress of digitalization in the economy, focuses on deep understanding of natural language which has become more and more important in recent years. Because of the exponential growth of text data, enterprises need to work shifting from

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