Judge rules in favor of MedWhat and Arturo Devesa against Stanford University’s Stanford-StartX Fund

In MedWhat-Stanford’s continuing lawsuit, a critical court battle occurred on September 27, 2018 in San Francisco. Application For Right To Attach Order And Writ Of Attachment filed by Stanford University’s Stanford-StartX Fund and two Chinese VC firms against Silicon Valley

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How is Artificial Intelligence Transforming the Legal Industry?

When any professional sector and technology converge at a point, the question sprouted is how that technology will create disruptions in the daily operations and careers of those who chose that particular profession. The disruption created in the sector might

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How Big Data Is Changing the Landscape in Legal industry

Legal analysis, something which is done manually is eyeing for better prospects in the field of analytics. The legal sector has been in peril with the new rumors of robot lawyers which are not showing up anytime soon. But this

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