Data Scientists Must Target Telecom and BFSI for Better Career Prospects

More and more businesses are moving towards digitization. This means they are willing to adopt a data-culture into their organizational setup. More data means more need for processing and this will subsequently lead to high scale hiring of data scientists

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Analytics Insight Predicts US Professionals to Grab AI Jobs with Highest Pay in 2020

Given the never-ending announcements of job or salary layoffs, many businesses have restricted the further recruitment process for 2020. Such appalling situations have arisen due to the severe effect of coronavirus pandemic. However, amid all the employment upheaval, the technology

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5 Most In-Demand Soft Skills to Thrive in Data Science

Data science as one of the greatest jobs in the contemporary technology market is considered a highly technical role more often. However, Ronald Van Loon, Director of Adversitement and an influential AI  leader, says data science is not only about

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Diversified Roles of Data Scientist and Their Salaries

Data Science is becoming increasingly popular owing to the generation of data at large volumes. More is the data more tools and techniques required to harness its true potential. This has given rise to another trend across industries – Data

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Analytics Insight Predicts 10,06,945 Job Openings in Artificial Intelligence in 2021

Image Credit: Campus Intelligence New-age technologies such as Deep Learning and Machine Learning have become a synonym for innovation. With accelerating deployment of the digital voice-enabled assistant, Natural Language Processing’s (NLP) linguistic innovations are growing at an exceptional rate. The

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How to Write a Resume for Data Science Role

Composing a resume for data science job applications is seldom a great task, however, it is a fundamental malevolence. Most organizations require a resume so as to apply to any of their open jobs and a resume is frequently the

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Top Data Science Salaries in May 2020

Coronavirus has led to a very different working world than anything we have ever known. However, on the better part, the tech jobs are blooming as gloriously as May arrived, waiting to be picked. As noted by Digital Trends, tech

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Want to Be a Successful Data Scientist?

Data science isn’t really one single thing, skillset or system. This is the reason data science is constantly said to be an ‘interdisciplinary part’ of science that consolidates arithmetic, human behavior and workflow studies, flexible utilization of logical frameworks and

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Current and Future Landscape of IoT Job Opportunities and Growing Market

More we get surrounded by new-age technologies, more our future marries the deployment of machine advents. The pace at which advancement is taking place, all our jobs will be disrupted with novel job opportunities in the near future. Artificial Intelligence

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Top Artificial Intelligence Job Titles with Highest Salaries in India 

Artificial Intelligence continues to evolve through businesses across diverse industries, opening opportunities for organisations to operate and drive values to customers. From managing global supply chains to optimising delivery routes, the technology is augmenting its dominance in today’s digital world.

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Press Releases

Qlik Makes It Easier for Every Customer to Benefit from Analytics in the Cloud

New Packaging and Adoption Programs Align with Qlik Sense® and QlikView® Customer Strategies to Expand Cloud-Based Analytics New Delhi – April 15, 2020 – Qlik today announced new packaging and adoption programs, giving customers more choice and making it simpler,

April 15, 2020

Covid-19 Predictions: India to Witness 13,420 Covid Cases by 1st May 2020

The ongoing Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic is showing no signs of slowing down and is now one of the largest threats to the mankind and the global economy. The virus first reported in Wuhan last year in December has now spread

April 2, 2020

INSOFE Launches PGP (Honours) in Data Science, in Collaboration with IIT Ropar and CICE, Canada

INSOFE teamed up with IIT Ropar and CICE, Carleton University to offer – “PGP (Honours) in Data Science”, a specialization program that will prepare students with data science, application architecture, and engineering skills. There is a great demand for engineers

February 26, 2020

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