Top 10 Reinforcement Learning Courses & Certifications in 2020

Reinforcement learning is all about making decisions! Reinforcement Learning is one of the most in demand research topics whose popularity is only growing day by day. Reinforcement learning (RL) translates to learning by interacting from the surrounding environment. An RL

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Top 5 AI Career Paths of All Time

The rising demand for Artificial Intelligence has given rise to more diverse AI career paths. Artificial intelligence (AI) has come to define society today in manners we never envisioned. Artificial intelligence makes it workable for us to open our cell

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Understanding the Difference Between Data Analyst and Data Scientist

Does an organization need to have both a Data Analyst and Data Scientist, and why? Data is the new gold! With the world rapidly moving towards digital transformation, data is the asset that forms the backbone for this change. From

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Top Artificial Intelligence Salaries in India in June 2020

A comprehensive list of salaries of Artificial Intelligence jobs in India. Artificial Intelligence has infiltrated almost every industry. Every top tech company is investing heavily in this technology to stay ahead in the market. This means fields like AI, machine

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What Does a Big Data Manager Do?

Understanding Big Data Manager and Its Roles and Responsibilities A Big Data Manager is a strategic thinker of an organization’s success. He/she is responsible for developing and managing data-oriented systems for business. Big data managers also need to ensure a

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Crucial Facts about CompTIA Network+ Credential and How It Is Useful for Your Junior System Engineer Career

CompTIA Network+ and Its Exam Recently CompTIA has updated and reorganized their certifications and it is time to see what it has in store for you. One of the reasons for this is the constant and frequent technological advancements which

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What Are the Futuristic Prospects of Data Science?

We are living in the age of data and functions in a data-driven culture. All around us is data and technologies to harness its true potential. From healthcare to e-commerce, almost all industry is running on data. The advancements in

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Why Would Data Crunching be a Hot Career in 2020?

Data will fuel Industry 4.0, and empower Digital Transformation. The world of data science has grown by leaps and bounds. The Fourth Industrial Revolution will be characterized by data. 2020 will witness the humankind generate 40x more bytes of data

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Embark on Your Innovative Journey with Robotics Engineering Education in India

As per the Indian education system, one must be very clear of the major they are willing to choose for their graduation. Specifically, in STEM education, as more and more technologies are growing at a fast pace with increased demand

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Acquire Industry-Experience with Top Data Science Internships in June 2020

Studies show that with the right structure and support, internships can be an effective bridge to stable employment. That is especially true in STEM fields—such as data science—where internships are a game-changer. This is because some data science skills can

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Press Releases

JumpCloud Announces Okta Integration

Today, cloud directory platform JumpCloud announced a new integration to make it easy for admins to securely manage identities and access to cloud based and on-premise resources. JumpCloud’s directory now has verified integration with Okta and is available through the Okta Integration

September 16, 2020

Analytics Insight’s “40 Under 40 Innovators”: Hunting Deserving Young-Leaders Spearheading Diverse Innovations Across Industries

Analytics Insight has been a leading source of recognizing organizations and executives that are playing a significant role in shaping the future of emerging technologies and its capabilities globally. The company has announced ‘40 Under 40 Innovators Award’ that recognizes

June 11, 2020

Denodo Recognized as a Leader in The Enterprise Data Fabric Evaluation by Independent Analyst Firm

According to the Analyst Firm, Denodo’s Data Virtualization Platform has Evolved into a Data Fabric Palo Alto, CA, June 11, 2020 – Denodo, the leader in data virtualization, today announced that Forrester Research, Inc., a leading independent technology and market research company, has

June 11, 2020

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