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OneAD: Revolutionizing Digital Advertising with ML-Powered Smart Solutions

In the digital advertising industry, it goes without saying that Google is a dominant giant. Many publishers and advertisers had to implement google ad solutions yet have little control over their own data strategies. OneAD is a leader in MediaTech

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Intellias: Shaping the Future of Businesses with Cutting-Edge AI and ML solutions

Artificial Intelligence is increasingly driving significant developments in business today. The revolutionary technology is enabling enterprises to develop new solutions and improvising the way of doing things. A few years ago, nobody would have considered AI to become one of

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CyberInt: Securing Enterprises with AI and ML Powered Threat Management

CyberInt provides protection of all online activities for major global organizations using automated, machine learning expertise in cyber intelligence refined by human analysts for optimal effectiveness. This helps CyberInt achieve its vision to make cybersecurity as a business enabler that

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Brodmann17: A Revolutionary Deep Learning Vision Software for Embedded Devices

Machine learning stands out as a transformational technology in today’s data-driven world. Deep learning, a subset of machine learning continues to transform every industry and is significantly helping enterprises to bring a new breed of innovations. In the automotive industry,

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Artificial intelligence and machine learning stand out as the most transformational technology in this data-driven age. The rate of development and innovation in machine learning is relentless and what seemed impossible a few years ago is commonplace today. Machine learning’s

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AlgoFace: Transforming Consumer Experience at the Convergence of Computer Vision, AI and AR

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become the foundation of disruptive innovation today. AI powers a wide range of applications. It can execute facial recognition with the use of computer vision, understand human gestures and react accordingly. A company which integrates AI,

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The End of Market Research as We Know It

Marc Andreessen wrote a prescient opinion piece In August 2011 called “Why Software Is Eating the World.” Andreessen pointed out that even in the depths of a global recession, a remarkable thing was happening as bold digital startups wrested control

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Tarmin Inc: Leveraging State-of-Art Technology For Sustainable Management and Productivity

In an age where everything has turned out to be data-centric, it becomes essential to safeguard data and work on its storage solutions. For such a massive voluminous data in circulation, we need to have a perfect storage capacity too.

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Exclusive Interview with Pinaki Dasgupta, Founder and CEO of Hindsait

With each industry thriving in the era of cutting-edge technology, optimization, accuracy, and efficiency become more vital than ever. Especially in the healthcare sector, the clinical and hospital equipment and other medical procedures are becoming even productive and flexible with

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Price2Spy: Elevating E-Commerce with Price Monitoring and Advanced Technologies

As disruptive technologies are venturing into retailing and e-commerce businesses, it is becoming more interesting how organizations are deploying tech-solutions for efficient marketing and customer experience. By the virtue of data analysis, enterprises can learn about prices, products and needs

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