Cangler Analytics: Democratizing Enterprise Data Analytics with AI and Automation

Cangler automates and democratizes enterprise data analytics, making it simple, easy, and accessible for everyone. The company helps organizations overcome artificial intelligence complexity by building AI which builds AI.

Cangler helps organizations tap into the gold mine of data they hold and unlock the business insights within their data so they can build better products and services, make smarter business decisions, and compete in their respective industries.

Cangler is developing an end-to-end platform to help simplify, automate, manage, and democratize enterprise data analytics with artificial intelligence generated code, self-healing technology, and an in-built app store ecosystem, enabling enterprise data analytics to be delivered faster than ever, and at a much lower cost without needing to build or manage any complicated analytics products or technologies.

The company currently offers consulting services and will be launching the first phase of its product in June 2019. The first release will be the DevOps phase which will automate the deployment, configuration, maintenance and management of all data analytics tools and platforms. The benefit for early adopter customers who get in early and subscribe to the DevOps package is that they will get credits towards the Data Ops and Insight Ops subscriptions which will allow them to access the features at a heavily discounted price when they are released besides gaining personalized support.


Core Values Driving the Mission

Cangler Analytics aims to achieve three United Nations sustainable development goals through the means of developing data analytics and artificial intelligence technology. The company is building a world with:

•  No Poverty

•  Good Health & Wellbeing

•  Sustainable Cities & Communities


An Experienced Leader

Andrew Herbert started Cangler Analytics after working in the data analytics industry for a decade and being frustrated with the difficulty in getting good results from data analytics initiatives. In particular, it was very difficult in a large enterprise to ensure that everyone was effectively sharing data, and that data terminology was consistent across an enterprise.

He noticed that companies tend to skip the fundamentals and foundation of data analytics and went straight for the exciting use cases – often with detrimental results. He feels without a solid foundation of data governance and strategy; data analytics initiatives are destined to fail.

Andrew recognized this and founded Cangler Analytics to help companies build a solid foundation which can be used as a platform to deploy their data analytics initiatives with lower risk, lower cost and faster time to market.


An Innovative Platform to Drive Decision-Making

According to a research from Bain, only 4% of companies feel that they have the resources they need to successfully deliver data analytics and AI initiatives. Cangler is democratizing data analytics, allowing anyone in any organization to be a data-driven decision-maker.

The company is going to automate all of the engineering work required to build data analytics technology which will lead to:

1. Faster time to market

2. More stable and secure platforms

3. Secure and privacy-aware data economy

4. Secure and privacy-aware algorithm economy

5. Lower risk

6. Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

7. New and innovative applications of data analytics and AI

Andrew believes that by providing a platform in which anyone would be able to easily, quickly, and cheaply build and deploy data analytics and AI initiatives, we will see a proliferation of data-driven solutions in the society which will leverage AI to create a utopian world of abundance where AI powers every aspect of the society and allows all to prosper and thrive as a whole.


Building AI for AI

Cangler Analytics will drive the next wave of disruption in the data analytics and AI industry. Its approach is to build the machine that builds the machines. The company is building an AI product which builds AI products – this will allow companies of all sizes and all skill sets to leverage the best-of-breed cutting-edge tools on the market without having to acquire talent to do so.

Cangler’s technology handles all of the programming and engineering automatically and effectively, allowing companies to put their data analytics and AI development on autopilot. Customers simply select the use cases of interest and allow the combination of an online data & algorithm marketplace and self-designing and self-healing technology to deploy and manage all of the required tools, infrastructure, and data to deliver the selected use case.


The Key to Automation Success

Andrew asserts the future of big data analytics is no-code and low-code solutions. Today, extensive science and engineering work is required to build and deploy big data analytics solutions from scratch. “In future, this work will be automated and the solutions will design themselves. The work will shift more to selecting and managing algorithms rather than engineering solutions from the ground up,” he added.

The technical skills will become less important in the future as the focus will shift less from building the systems and more towards the application of big data analytics systems for identified use cases and communication of the results. Soft skills such as creativity, communication, problem-solving, teamwork, adaptability, and a commitment to continuous learning will become more important as tech skills become less relevant.


Valuable Recognitions from The Clients

The company helped its clients launch new and innovative technologies and enter new markets, most recently it helped one of its clients successfully launch their new cloud-based measurement and prediction platform at NAB 2019 in Las Vegas.


Pulling Through Adversities

Cangler’s biggest challenge has been driving growth while bootstrapping. Andrew wishes the company to remain fiercely independent so it has not sought any funding, this has presented significant cash flow challenges however it has also forced the company to be creative and come up with innovative ways to develop and grow the business.


Remarkable Future

The team at Cangler is very excited about the future ahead not just for Cangler Analytics but for the industry as a whole. “The industry is maturing and there is now a recognition that we have focused too heavily on the engineering of data analytics solutions and not enough on the business side – that is putting the technology in the hands of business users and decision-makers so we can free data analytics technology from the control of IT and ensure that everyone can benefit,” said Andrew.

Cangler is currently looking for innovative early adopter customers who want to be at the cutting-edge of data analytics & AI innovation. Early adopter customers will get a personalized white glove experience and will be able to guarantee that the technology will work for them as the company is taking a customer-driven development approach where it prioritizes feature development according to the needs and requests of its customers. Andrew emphasized the future of data analytics and AI is self-designing, self-managing, self-healing, and self-supporting data analytics & AI solutions. Cangler wants to be a pioneering force, pushing the boundaries and driving the development of self-designing and self-supporting solutions. “If you are interested in partnering with the company as an early adopter customer, or as a partner then Cangler would love to hear from you!”

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