Bravo Tech Services: Leveraging Innovative Recruiting Practices to Deliver Efficient Staff to Organizations

Justin Lankford

Bravo Tech Services, Inc. (BTS) is a Dallas-based IT and telecom services company—and not just another staffing firm. The company specializes in solving the number one problem in the IT industry – retaining technically qualified and certified resources. It believes that good business practices get them great clients and consultants, and the company does business that way—with honesty, integrity, and quickness.

Bravo Tech Services caters to organizations of all sizes, industries, as well as public and private agencies. Its services include managed staffing, mobility solutions, application development, development and operations, ERP solutions and cloud technology.

Bravo Tech Services is an IT and telecom consulting and staffing firm which comprises a passionate group of individuals that are dedicated to targeting the areas of the organization that need optimization. The company’s customers can choose from a wide range of services, which include: IT consulting for upgrading and enhancing business processes, staffing that meets the organization’s ongoing project requirements and industrial expertise i.e. ERP, Mobility, CRM and other IT and telecom technologies. The company’s solutions are focused to meet any business’s security and IT requirements.

Bravo Tech Services is continuously growing its IT and telecom partnerships with increased client base, which includes mid-sized to fortune 500 companies and assisting them to meet the new challenges of IT innovations.

Bidding on and winning government contracts takes a massive, coordinated effort by any company. Bravo Tech Services has an experienced staff of veterans in the federal arena. The four founding members of BTS have more than 80 years of experience with the United States Government at the local, state and federal levels.

Bravo Tech Services is a trusted source for qualified candidates in all areas of government IT needs and has successful partnerships with several states across the US. Also, the company has resources already in place to support local, state and federal level government needs. While the company headquarters are in Irving, Texas, even its local government service capabilities stretch across the country from coast to coast and beyond.


Mission to Exceed Customer Expectations

The Bravo Tech Services mission and its purpose remain constant: to discover, reach and exceed its clients’ needs and expectations by providing ready, prompt and sustained talent by Bravo Tech Services employees across the full spectrum of tasks within the industry. The company’s mission is vital to the industry because it is supporting the present and future needs of each of its clients – a mission that will never be taken lightly.


Wide Array of Comprehensive Offerings

For Bravo Tech Services, customization is a huge factor in the overall approach for servicing its clients. The team offers an in-depth analysis of each of its customer’s needs. The company dedicates itself to providing the most cost-effective approach but with a level of detail that will ensure the highest possible quality of end product delivery.

Bravo Tech Services’ mission is to rely upon resources for mission-critical IT and telecom services and support initiatives/objectives. As a demonstration of its vast capabilities and experience, the company provides a performance guarantee for all of its services and support functions. BTS takes pride in its ability to engage the customers one-on-one to ensure its project will be done correctly and on time.


The Valiant Leadership

Justin Lankford, the Founder and President of Bravo Tech Services (BTS), served his country valiantly in the Army for the better part of a decade. He attended New Mexico Military Institute and United States Military Academy at West Point before serving on active duty with the 82nd Airborne Division. Since his honourable discharge, he has partnered with several colleagues to form BTS. Justin brings more than a decade of leadership and sales experience with a vision of incorporating his service background into solving complex problems and adding value to IT services on the cutting-edge of technology.


Key Partnerships Driving Innovative Veteran Initiative

It is never too late to thank America’s Veterans who served honourably in their mission to serve the United States of America. It is never too late to give them a hero’s welcome home and provide them opportunities to succeed in the private sector. Bravo Tech Services is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business which was founded with a determination to make veterans a priority in all areas of business. Key partnerships and involvements in driving this innovative veteran initiative include SAP, Oracle, Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce, Department of Veterans Affairs, and PTSD Foundation of America.


Advancing Against Challenges

According to Justin, one major challenge the company faced was implementing its 24/48/72-hour staffing model, but Bravo Tech Services was successful in the rapid delivery of quality resources to support the expansion of the E-470 Public Highway Authority tollway in Colorado. It took only 3 days from the time when the company received the first emergency requirement to the time the first employee was fully screened, accepted and arrived on site. Bravo Tech Services understood its immediate need and used multi-level recruiting (job boards, references, SM platforms, etc.) that helped the client build and fully staff a new team within 2 weeks which solved their pain point.