BrandLock: Transforming eCommerce with Innovative Cybersecurity and Conversion Optimization Platform

Sanjay Kalinani

Cybersecurity for eCommerce companies usually looks into the website infrastructure, but the true endpoint – the consumer device, is often left to fend for itself.

BrandLock built its company and products to help eCommerce companies protect their end users – online shoppers, from adware on their own devices. The adware basically injects ads, videos, intrusive pop-ups, adult content and much more onto the site – so while the eCommerce store owner sees their site perfectly designed for conversions, the end customer is seeing all too many distractions. Distractions that are stealing the retailer’s conversions and sales.


BrandLock’s Flagship Products

BrandLock improves conversions by identifying different type of online shoppers, removing distractions caused by adware and promoting targeted offers of the retail store, just-in-time. The company does this with two products – Shield and Engage.

The shield is the one that can be equated to a cybersecurity software. It basically uses machine learning to actively identify adware and different types of distractions they inject on to the consumer browser. It then deactivates them before they even show up, keeping the site secure and the consumer, focused on doing one thing – making the purchase on the retailer’s site.

On the other hand, Engage is the product that identifies shoppers who have browser extensions and web apps like price comparison tools installed on their browser. These are the apps that usually inject the adware in the first place. So, the product identifies these price-sensitive shoppers and keeps them engaged on the retailer’s site by predicting coupon runs and targeted promotions.

Simply put, BrandLock removes distractions caused by adware and increases conversions for eCommerce stores.


The Brain Behind BrandLock

Sanjay Kalinani, the CEO and Founder of BrandLock, comes from a background of 15 years in eCommerce product innovation. He is the first and the only one in the eCommerce space to have built out a cybersecurity solution that ties to actual conversions for an eCommerce business.

“It all started back in 2013 when we started noticing how adware was getting more and more aggressive. Something that was associated with the compromised security of these online retailers, was also eroding their revenue,” said Sanjay.

BrandLock built products to help enterprise eCommerce companies protect their end users from the adware on their devices which often distracts them from what they were there for – shopping online. It’s like offering cybersecurity on both the retailer’s and the consumer’s front – irrespective of the device they are accessing the site from.

The company’s mission is simple – Remove distractions. Increase conversions!

BrandLock is bootstrapped and has been growing at a 2.5X rate over the last couple of years. The team has been working on introducing more products under the company to keep eCommerce sites secure from adware, remove the distractions caused by them and keep the end consumer actively engaged, driving them towards conversions.


Advanced Offerings to Safeguard Privacy

With two cloud-based products – Shield and Engage, BrandLock helps customers keep distractions such as unauthorized ads, popups, cash back promotions and competing offers injected by the consumer browser extensions, far away.

BrandLock’s technology also predicts when a shopper is about to make a coupon run, giving eCommerce companies the chance to promote their on-site deals before they leave!


Distinctive Approach to Innovation

BrandLock professionals are the first ones in this space and have been able to deliver amazing results for leading brands online.

While the company did a lot of hard work to build a technology to address cybersecurity and conversion optimization for eCommerce, there’s a lot more to BrandLock’s approach in an ongoing manner. The company is extremely data and number oriented.

“BrandLock lives and breathe eCommerce data and specifically look for bottlenecks in customer conversion. That’s how the organization build products to solve those issues. From bounce offs, cart abandonment to customer segmentation, BrandLock has been taking note of all the challenges in the industry. The team has spent time understanding the true underlying cause of these problems,” Sanjay added.

Simply put, BrandLock is an innovator. But the company’s innovation is not just driven by a market need or a trend, it is driven by concrete industry data.


Acclamation from Clients

BrandLock has been working with some of the biggest brands in the industry, keeping their sites secure from adware on the consumer side. This has resulted in keeping these adware injected distractions at bay, resulting in an almost 10% lift in conversion rates for the online retailers.

As Nine West, one of the company’s customers puts it. “They realized the impact of adware when their shoppers started to complain about intrusive ads, pop-ups and offers that took them to different sites. With BrandLock, they were able to identify and disable all adware distracting their shoppers, resulting in a 7% improvement to the overall site conversions”.

The retailer saw a boost in shopper engagement, conversion rate and the one most telling metric of success – revenue per session.

Brandlock received coverage on CISION for preventing conversion theft caused by adware. And one of its success stories with Ebags too caught attention on the publication.

As quoted in the article by Eisha Ramrakhiani, the VP of client services at BrandLock, “Brandlock is the Swiss army knife for online retailers when it comes to security and optimization. eBags is the ideal client with a robust website and an active affiliate program with a large footprint of customers. We protect against close to 64,000 malicious scripts found daily on the eBags platforms.”


Robustness Against Challenges

Since BrandLock was creating a new category for the workplace, the company faced a number of challenges. The number one being educating the target market.

BrandLock solves a problem that every eCommerce company has, but can’t see it yet or isn’t aware of its impact on their overall revenue. So, the team always has to first start by helping them identify that it is a problem that already exists to how it is impacting their growth. After which the company is able to help them see how BrandLock can help.

Every piece is built from scratch at BrandLock – including the largest ever adware database. It takes a lot of time and resources to keep it up-to-date. The company’s R&D experts are literally dealing with thousands of new adware strains every day.


Future Endeavour

BrandLock is rapidly building an innovative “plug and play” products for removing friction caused by adware on eCommerce websites. For the Shield product, the company has barely scratched the market with 25 billion in eCommerce theft a year. The company expects BrandLock to bring more innovative companies on board rapidly hereafter and it is already making its way through.

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