BQE Core Intelligence Presents AI-Empowered Digital Financial Advisor For Accounting Firms

by July 11, 2019

Artificial Intelligence

The merger of artificial intelligence and machine learning in daily practices of human, generates immensely vital tools for analysis, forecasting, and consultative advice. The AI-powered system automatically performs many recurring tasks if understood once. For example, bank reconciliations, invoicing and client reminders can be easily done by AI systems.

Notably, the recent launch of the BQE Core Intelligence AI System has significantly changed the technology landscape for accounting companies and professionals’ services business by providing them with functions and other tools. It is a business management system that unifies business accounting, billing, project and document management, and certain other scheduling functions.

Despite all the AI advancements in the surrounding, the technology was not available as a ready-to-use product for accounting firms until now. Well, BQE Core is the first business management system to contain voice-enabled AI with NLP technology. The integration would benefit even mid-sized and smaller firms in establishing significant business services.

BQE Core works with mobile phones, tablets, smart devices including Google Home and Amazon Echo, cars with Google Assistant, and also with computers.

Doug Sleeter, founder of the Sleeter Group and a thought leader in the accounting space said, “Not only does BQE Core track all your project and financial data, but the AI also features act like a genius assistant that helps you gain new insights into your business.”

This innovation sets professionals free from office confinements and enables them to communicate with their business management system while commuting, meeting clients or from anywhere around the domain.

Machine learning intelligence is the key to BQE’s Core Intelligent system which allows it to constantly learn and improve on its own while operating over data. The system can also automate various tasks including billing, payables, scheduling, employee timekeeping, HR functions, mileage, and expense tracking.

The latest voice-enabled AI is not merely an extension of KPI dashboard but it is a digital financial advisor and professionals’ personal assistant.

BQE’s AI-empowered system also includes voice biometric recognition security technology which is more effective than usual passwords or even fingerprints. According to security experts, such filters restrict users to only operate on those data they are authorized to access.