Boosteroid — Next Step for Cloud Gaming

by June 18, 2020


You may not know much about cloud gaming or Boosteroid, but these two words mean the same thing for those who’ve tried it. It sounds weird, but a lot of gamers still have not heard much about this groundbreaking technology. Cloud gaming is here to fix the main problems users face today: too huge game files, annoying updates and lags. So let’s talk about cloud gaming and Boosteroid, one of the leading providers in Europe.

Cloud gaming platforms are emerging nearly every month. Some of them are true industry giants like Nvidia, Google, or Microsoft. Boosteroid keeps chasing them for quite a long time. This cloud platform has introduced its custom browser-based cloud gaming solutions. While technology behemoths keep fighting, Boosteroid has united 1 million gamers within just 6 months of operation.


It’s all about technologies

For those new to cloud gaming, we’d better make a brief overview of what’s that about. We’ve already mentioned the main benefits of this technology. First of all, you don’t need high-end hardware to run the latest titles. How is that possible? Basically, you just play on a remote server where the game is processed and have the gameplay streamed to your device over the Internet. This is why running almost any AAA game is as simple as watching videos online. 

Besides, there is no need in buying high-end hardware and upgrading it regularly, and that’s what every gamer’s budget dreams about. Boosteroid subscription costs €9.89 per month, but you can buy an annual plan for €49.89 which is €4.16 per month. If you are not into upgrading your hardware every 5-7 years, this is probably a good solution for you.


Play smart — play in browser

A lot of cloud gaming platforms are trying to push their product through an additional app which is the easiest solution on the market for now. Boosteroid provides customers with in-browser gaming. This technology requires a very special approach from the development point of view, but as a result, users don’t have to install any additional software, which is rather convenient. Boosteroid also provides mobile phone gaming through the browser. Any modern device can be transformed into a gaming station with at least 14 Mbps Internet connection. 


However, each cloud gaming platform has its own problems. Boosteroid isn’t an exception… Stable gameplay even with packet loss is the main trouble of the web-based streaming. The easiest way to solve this problem is to create your own app. That’s why Boosteroid team is working on it. After Boosteroid app will be released everyone will be able to choose between gaming in the browser or in the app.


Before you buy

Today Boosteroid is available in Central and Eastern Europe. This might be frustrating for players from Western Europe and Northern America. Official sources claim Boosteroid will go global by late 2020. The most important challenge here is server implementation. It takes some time to set them up and make a proper configuration.

Boosteroid has no free trial. For some people, this might be a reason to look for another option. But let’s stop for a moment and check other platforms. Shadow, for example, doesn’t have a free trial too, and GeForce NOW sometimes is forcing people to wait for 15 minutes before the game starts. So as you see there currently not so many free cloud gaming options.


At the end of the day, Boosteroid offers one of the lowest prices on the market, web-based gaming, and the latest streaming technologies. Boosteroid has already become the top-3 cloud platform in Europe. It has a lot of potential as well as chances to get a huge part of the cloud gaming pie. There is a lot of work still to be done, but for now, this service looks like one of the most promising projects on the market.