Top 10 Web3 Venture Capital Investors to Lookout For in 2023

Top 10 Web3 Venture Capital Investors to Lookout For in 2023

Recent years have brought in massive rise in number of blockchain-based startups. What naturally followed is a significant number of investors have made their way into the Web3 industry. From hedge funds to venture capital firms, there are many new players who are looking for the next unicorn in the space. This is what brings us to the hot topic of discussion these days – top 10 Web3 Investor list. Well, we have made it easier for you. Here, we shall be talking about the top 10 Web3 venture capital investors to look out for in 2023. Read on!

Digital Currency Group

Founded in 2011, this group has clear vision – broad exposure with the optionality to concentrate their focus. They are widely recognised across the globe to build service businesses in order to fill important gaps in the existing market infrastructure. They incubate, acquire, and operate businesses that provide a variety of financial and professional services to financial institutions, corporations, and startups.

Blockchain Capital

Blockchain Capital is yet another leading venture firm in the blockchain industry that has made close to 150 investments since the last 9 odd years.  The investment is across different stages, geographies and asset types. They boast of a team comprising of some of the earliest and most active investors in the blockchain industry. Blockchain Capital has invested through multiple bear markets, tested out numerous business models and developed one of the longest track records in the industry to date.


This investment firm has always focused on supporting the great crypto/Web3 companies and protocols of tomorrow. They have a simple approach that is flexible, long term, multi-stage, and global. They are known to get involved at the earliest stages of formation and support our portfolio with additional capital over time. Paradigm help projects reach their full potential, from the technical to the operational domain.

Pantera Capital

Pantera came up with the first cryptocurrency fund in the U.S. in 2013. Eventually, Pantera Capital  launched the first blockchain-focused venture fund and also takes pride in being the first to offer an early-stage token fund in 2017.

Coinbase Ventures

This investment firm aims to create an open financial system for the world and in this process, are eagerly rooting for the brightest minds in the crypto ecosystem to build empowering products for everyone. The firm provides financing to promising early-stage companies that have the teams and ideas that can move the space forward in a positive, meaningful way.

‍It was founded just a few years back, in 2018.


Brinc is of the belief that some of the world's biggest challenges can be solved by entrepreneurs. They call them – game changers. They believe that more game changers will make a positive impact on the world if they are given the right backing which is why Brinc supports founders and their teams from across the world and provide investment to help them grow.

Binance Labs

Binance Labs is well-known across nations as a firm that identifies, invests, and empowers viable blockchain entrepreneurs, startups, and communities, providing financing to industry projects that help grow the wider blockchain ecosystem. It was founded 5 years ago and there has been no looking back ever since.

Multicoin Capital

‍What makes Multicoin Capital stand apart from the rest is the fact that it is a thesis-driven investment firm that invests in cryptocurrencies, tokens, and blockchain companies reshaping trillion-dollar markets. They invest across both public and private markets. Since inception, the firm is known for being forward-leaning, independent thinkers, for pioneering token economic models, valuation methodologies, and challenging long-standing assumptions.

Parafi Capital

Yet another Web3 investor firm to look out for is Parafi Capital, a leading crypto-native investment and technology firm founded in 2018, that focuses on token, venture, and quantitative strategies. Starting from day 1, the firm has backed many of the industry's pioneering innovators and protocols. They are into developing smart contracts, engaging in protocol governance, and actively contributing to open source communities.


This private company invests in digital assets and blockchain projects that will lead the decentralized internet era. Here, they value curiosity of mind and an entrepreneurial mindset. They are long-term investors and want to contribute to the growth of projects that will shape the economy of tomorrow, thus making it to the list of top 10 Web3 venture capital investors to look out for in 2023.

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