Blockchain Meets Reality: Launches Platform for RWAs launches platform for RWAs management
Blockchain Meets Reality: Launches Platform for RWAs

Real-world assets (WRA) are a revolutionary development in the crypto world, bridging the gap between real-world assets and the digital world. The adoption of RWA has gained acceptance among institutional investors and leading industry players, demonstrating its potential to revolutionize the financial industry. As RWA gains momentum worldwide, it has transformed traditional assets, expanding the crypto ecosystem. has significantly introduced its mainnet, a new blockchain platform designed for managing real-world assets, including properties and commodities. launches platform for RWAs that operates on Arbitrum (ARB) Orbit and is supported by Gelato’s Rollup-as-a-Service. made an outstanding start, obtaining 190 properties for tokenization and gaining $40 million.

Since its inception, has provided users with a wide variety of tokenized assets, such as real estate, Treasury Bills, etc. 

Explaining on Arbitrum Orbit as launches platform for RWAs, the CEO of Jag Singh said, “Its speed, flexibility, and security are exactly what we need to nurture an ecosystem centered around tokenizing real-world assets.” 

Singh has also introduced an innovative concept known as Basket tokens. Basket tokens combine individual properties into more liquid ERC-20 tokens. This innovative solution solves issues related to liquidity, streamlines the process of asset management, and integrates it into financial systems. launches platform for RWAs that seeks to address the primary challenges in decentralized finance (defi) by improving the accessibility of assets for trading, enhancing interoperability, and streamlining transactions for all parties involved. has formed a strategic partnership with Gelato RaaS and other key partners, including LayerZero and RedStone Oracles as launches platform for RWAs. This partnership aims to expand and enhance the capabilities and reach of the app ecosystem. This collaboration will improve the platform's features and enable greater impact in the blockchain ecosystem.

Expressing gratitude for the launch of the platform and its potential, Gelato founder Hilmar Orth said, “ is bridging advanced blockchain technology with everyday web services. This fusion is set to accelerate the adoption of real-world asset applications and could potentially reshape the blockchain industry.”

“Decentralized finance aims to democratize financial services, eliminating the need for traditional intermediaries. By weaving real-world assets into the Arbitrum ecosystem, is making this vision a reality,” Peter Haymond from Offchain Labs pointed out, emphasizing the platform's wider impact. is committed to revolutionizing the DeFi and RWA space, providing unparalleled security and efficiency combined with unfettered access to the highest liquidity and functionality for this category of isn’t just a technology implementation; it’s the start of a new age of DeFi utility.

Real-world assets (WRA) are revolutionizing the traditional asset market and opening up new possibilities for investors and entrepreneurs. From real estate and commodity tokenization to private lending, RWAs are changing the way finance works.

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