Bitdeer Launches SEAL04 Chip for Bitcoin Mining

Bitdeer unveils SEAL04 Chip for energy-efficient Bitcoin mining
Bitdeer Launches SEAL04 Chip for Bitcoin Mining

Bitdeer Technologies has introduced SEAL04 chip for energy-efficient Bitcoin mining.

Bitdeer mentioned that the SEAL04 chip will supply energy to the fourth-generation Sealminer device, which is set to be produced in large quantities and distributed beginning in the fourth quarter of 2025. The device's energy usage will be fine-tuned to be between 5.5 and 6 J/TH, which is lower than the average 29 J/TH.

Bitdeer has revealed its plans for future technology improvements for the SEALMINER rig, highlighting its dedication to maintain transparency in the mining sector.

The use of SEAL04 chip in Bitdeer is the biggest innovation in Bitcoin mining technology. As for the outstanding energy conservation and opportunities for a cleaner approach to mining, the SEAL04 chip shall change the sector.

By enhancing the device's energy usage to range from 5.5 to 6 Joules per hour, Bitdeer plans to tackle the issue of excessive energy use related to Bitcoin. The roadmap for the SEALMINER Bitcoin mining machine provides insightful insights into the functions of the future equipment. It details the organization's strategies and progress in Bitcoin mining machines.

As per a press announcement, the strategy intends to enhance transparency in mining operations, adjusting miners' anticipations for technological progress and the provision of equipment.

After Tether signed an agreement to purchase shares of Bitdeer of $150 million through private placement in May 31, SEAL04 chip has been introduced for Bitcoin mining.

In March, Bitdeer revealed that the first round of testing for SEAL01, a 4-nanometer Bitcoin mining chip boasting a power efficiency of 18.1 joules per terahash, had been a success. This chip was integrated into its SEALMINER A1 mining rig.

“Bitdeer has a long term commitment towards enhancing transparency in our industry. We believe that the financial models of Bitcoin miners are significantly impacted by price uncertainty. If these two aspects of transparency are not addressed, the mining community is more likely to suffer severe financial losses. Thus, we are pleased to narrow this information gap by disclosing our R&D technology roadmap for SEALMINER,” stated Linghui Kong, Chief Business Officer of Bitdeer.

It should be noted that the second-generation SEALMINER mining equipment is anticipated to be produced in large quantities and distributed beginning in the fourth quarter of 2024.

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