BIMachine: A Leading Next-Generation Analytics Platform for Forward-Thinking Enterprises

Douglas Scheibler

BIMachine is a company that specializes in Business Intelligence and Business Analytics, responsible for the largest Analytics platform in Latin America. Its business analytics solutions provide insights for all departments of a company, providing immediate access to strategic information from organizations of any size or segment.

BIMachine was founded in 2005 under the brand SOL7 Decision Technology. It was born in the Innovates incubator, focused on providing business intelligence consulting services and implementing market platforms. Over time, BIMachine participated in several projects and identified a market opportunity in the Business Intelligence segment – when it launched the SOL7-BI platform in 2006. In the following years, the platform was improved, gaining new versions, with web access, and new monitoring, reporting, maps, analysis within a single architecture, ensuring agility, flexibility, and autonomy of users.

In 2014, the BIMachine Platform was born, focused on business analysis and developed in the cloud under the SaaS Analytics Self-service no code concept. Two years later, the company expanded its business by opening an office in the state capital of Porto Alegre.

In the following years, there were developments such as the launch of BIMAcademy’s BIMachine Partnership Program, an environment that aims to spread and share knowledge with its customers and partners on platform-qualifying content, and BIMStore, the analytics application store.

In 2018, the company consolidated the brands, BIMachine and SOL7 and started to operate only under the name BIMachine. In the same year, it achieved further expansion, with the opening of an office in São Paulo, and began its internationalization process. In 2019, the global strategy was intensified, with participation in events, missions and partnering in Latin America. In Brazil, an office was opened in Fortaleza, Ceará.

BIMachine aims to enable organizations of all sizes and industries to grow and scale their operations through technology, empowering people. The company’s purpose is to empower people to drive business, and it is based on that fact – it firmly pursues its goal of being the largest analytics platform in Latin America, with a presence in at least five countries by 2021.


A Focused and Visionary Leadership

BIMachine Founder and CEO Douglas Scheibler comes from a background and experience in business management. Always focusing on technology and innovation, he used his experience with companies to develop solutions that met their needs in relation to increasing their productivity and competitiveness. From this visionary relationship with the market, Douglas made his contributions, together with colleagues still in the incubation phase of SOL7 – Decision Technology, to the design of BIMachine, including, over time, all the resources already referenced in this which today make it the largest analytics platform in Latin America.

An innovative and born entrepreneur, Douglas today is one of the leaders of BIMachine’s commitment to the evolution of the entire market. Strongly linked to the company’s purpose of empowering people to drive business, he has always aimed to create actions, solutions, events, opportunities for ideas to become real innovation and applicable to business evolution.

Thus, Douglas can be described as a promoter of the gaucho Innovation, Management, and Entrepreneurship ecosystem, adding contributions such as the creation of BIMACADEMY, a platform for specialization and knowledge expansion in the Business Intelligence segment; BIMachine Arena, a space dedicated to fostering the innovation scene through the opening to free events throughout the community, as well as the Innovation Hub, a place for the incubation of technology-based startups, among other projects.


Empowering Businesses with Actionable Insights

BIMachine’s BI and Analytics platform was born from the intense and perennial observation of real market demands. In the consulting projects carried out at the beginning of the company, it was able to follow client gaps that were often left unmet by existing solutions. Based on these observations, the company has created a complete platform that allows it to deliver employees and managers from all business areas inputs to gain insights that can guide the best decision making.

Today, BIMachine delivers a solution that delivers on its mission: ‘empowering people to drive business.’ This means that, in addition to being based on cutting-edge technology 100 percent developed by BIMachine, its tool is accessible to users from various departments, from various segments and company sizes. This helps to deliver modernization, automation, and digital transformation in a way that is close to the business served, making such concepts a daily practice, effective and generating positive results.


Innovative Solutions for Real-World Use Cases

BIMachine has innovated itself by developing a 100 percent Brazilian platform, focused on the real demands of companies. It does not simply replicate global BI and BA industry standards, but create solutions to the problems and needs it sees in everyday organizations.

With this, BIMachine comes up with a modular solution, delivered in SaaS model, that allows small, medium and large companies to enter the Data-Driven journey and evolve according to their possibilities, without breaking their budgets or ceasing to meet their purposes.


Disruptive Trends Driving Technology Markets

BIMachine has researched some studies to bolster its perception of disruptive technologies. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) market, for example, will move US$36.8 billion globally by 2025, according to data from Tractica Consulting. Big Data, on the other hand, witnessed the investments of around US$4.2 billion in 2019 alone, according to ABES and IDC. Also in this line, the same survey indicates that the volume of data circulating in companies worldwide tends to rise to 44 zettabytes in up to 5 years.

Douglas says, “We face a gigantic universe that will, yes, expand its tentacles to all areas of technology. After all, the attraction of several investments is for very good reasons: economy, redesign of processes to gain productivity, identification of better ways to use machines, inputs, resources, spaces, systems, and strategies.”

From BIMachine’s analysis of these data, it realizes that coupled with Business Intelligence and Business Analytics, such trends are already having major positive impacts. The sum of technologies is already bringing, and will increasingly bring, increased decision power, action, and expansion of companies.


Business Recognition and Testimonials

BIMachine adds recognitions as:

• List of Best Companies to Work For, by GPTW’s

• Inclusion in Endeavor Brazil’s Scale-Up Program

• Community Mapping Listing 2019, conducted by the Brazilian Startup Association, highlighting the Success Cases, Big Companies, and Community Leaders categories through CMO Ana Paula Thesing

• Selection to participate in the mission to Colombia organized by Apex – Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency to gain recognition as one of the Brazilian companies with high potential for expansion in the Latin American market, in view of its already successful growth strategies in the country, as well as ongoing internationalization initiatives

• Selection to participate in Global-Tech, SEBRAE-RS initiative that helps technology companies in internationalization projects

BIMachine has also been adored by some of its prestigious clients which say:

“With the system, we gained a lot in business intelligence, assertive task execution, speed in decision making, and the benefits were felt mainly in our commercial. We have also achieved improvements in factory processes and will move on to the other projected areas” – Anderson Piram – Sales Intelligence Coordinator – Peccin

“Now we have everything integrated: BI, database, and ERP. As soon as there is the financial closing of the month, in very few days we already have reports and analysis for all segments. Earlier, with Excel, we took until the 20th, 30th to be able to close the spreadsheets, and yet, if any information changed, it was necessary to restart and redo. Today this is past. Everything is more organized, responsive and much more reliable” – Sandra Marques- Bremil Group IT Coordinator

“We were looking for a tool easy to understand and it met our strategic needs and goals. We have chosen BIMachine for its consolidated market space with a quality, reliable and cost-effective solution” – Juliano Ferro – IT Coordinator at Rinaldi S / A


Promising Future of Business Intelligence

On the roadmap ahead, Douglas quotes “What we know for sure about the future of this market is that it will continue to grow and grow. Just look at the data: By 2019, the global Big Data and Business Analytics solutions segment will move about US$189.1 billion, according to the IDC report, and that is up 12 percent over 2018.”

According to him, there is no turning back as these technologies are growing in use in the most diverse sectors – only among BIMachine’s customers, the company has cases in industries such as retail, furniture, shoes, food, among others – because they bring increment to business strategies.

In this way, the future of the BI and BA markets just tends to be promising. In the current scenario, Douglas believes it is noteworthy that these markets are in full evolution, both in the development/improvement and in the adoption of these solutions for their high capacity to add to the management of companies’ knowledge about their publics, squares, products, presents scenarios and future projections. In short, BI and BA deliver intelligence and power to understand the market and offer it what it really needs in every niche. This is the present state of these technologies, and the future will always follow this trend but adding constant waves of innovation.

Thus, concepts such as AI, which BIMachine has already covered, Machine Learning, among others, will be increasingly added to the BI and BA universe, contributing to the growth of this sector, as well as the benefits added by such solutions to the companies’ operations of more varied branches and sizes.