Big Data in Customer Support – Delivering Values

July 26, 2018

To run a successful business enterprise, every organization needs top notch customer service software to provide excellent support to the customers. Providing great customer support helps to build customer loyalty, and this translates to more business revenues to the organization. To drive business revenues there are many customer service software’s in the market, which leads to uncertainty among business owners when it comes to picking out the best one. One of the reliable and customer friendly free to start customer service platform is Wix Answers developed by Wix.

Wix Answers, call center software was created to support customer service and was tested internally to support over 120 million users of in 13 different languages. Currently, Wix Answers is able to support teams and business establishments of all sizes. Wix Answers is fully equipped with every tool that a business enterprise may need to help their customers. Here are the functionalities of the exciting customer service software platform:

1. Knowledge base: Wix Answers provides a powerful knowledge base software to support customers in finding answers to their workplace queries. Customers can choose their template for their help center and customize it to suit their requirements. In addition, customers can change the logo, add a background image and switch the color suiting their business needs. Organisations may even add JavaScript to create custom interactions, or edit the CSS for full customization. Wix Answers supports intuitive knowledge base software that helps to create support articles, FAQs, guides and another customer friendly For friendly browsing experience, business customers can add categories to the articles, and use the content editor to add images and videos. The customer service software supports the best-in-class SEO; making search engines like Google locate the website easily. The interactive software assigns tasks to the team members and checks them off when the task is done. Through Wix Answers, business enterprises can see feedbacks, reviews and statistics on their most popular articles, trending searches, feature requests and more.

2. Ticketing System with multi-channel support: Through Wix Answers organizations can manage, track and prioritize their tickets from multiple channels including e-mail, phone, Facebook from one place. Business customers can add labels to tickets and assign them to their agents and see who has contacted and their location specifics. Through the Wix Answers Ticketing platform, businesses can:

•  Rule Engine:

Helps to create automatic actions triggered whenever a specific action takes place, thus saving organizational time and effort

•  Smart Suggestions:

Business consumers will receive automated recommendations on the basis of what is enquired in the support tickets.

•  Saved Replies:

Wix Answers Ticketing platform gives business customers an opportunity to create automatic replies and save them to respond to any question in an instant. This saves time and provides instant support.

•  Send Articles:

Agents can search for knowledge-based articles, tutorials, FAQs and more on the website, and share them with their customers directly from the ticketing software.

The Wix Answers Ticketing platform will aid agents and organizations to get valuable customer insights by filtering specific data from the ticketing system about their customer requirements. For systematic working of the ticketing system, Wix Answers Ticketing system keeps real-time track of who is answering the tickets, where supervisors and subordinates may add internal notes to the team or individual discussions to stay updated or send an announcement to the entire team. Through this platform, superiors can monitor their agents’ performance and gain insights of their customers from the ticketing system. All of the statistics appear in one place – response times, group or individual performance, customer satisfaction rating and more.

3. Call center: Wix Answers gives business customers phone support from the same platform the business enterprises use for help center and ticketing system, and there is no requirement for further downloads. Business enterprises can give their customers immediate support telephonically for an effective and quick resolution of issues. They can even set up a toll-free line which their customers can use to call in for free or add local numbers for all of the countries the organization operates in.

The Wix Answers call center dashboard is the go-to location for viewing n organization’s current activity. Organisations can take their business forward by decreasing call wait times, and know what their customers are calling about and how to quickly resolve customer concerns. The agents are given access to the call center software by allowing them to hold and mute calls, add other agents and transfer seamlessly across departments. Additionally, the Wix Answers call center dashboard can monitor and record calls to track agents’ performance.

The call center comes with additional features including:

Unlimited Concurrent Calls

Organisations have the option to make and take as many calls as they need to, at the same time, from multiple numbers.

•  Business Hours
Business enterprises have the option to set their operating hours to the call center dashboard so that their customers know the best times to get in touch.

•  Wrap-Up Time

The Wix Answers call center dashboard leaves agents enough time to make notes of each call before they move on to attend the next one.

•  Line Management

Business enterprises can get a local number for the countries they operate in or add a toll-free line that customers can use to call in for free.


The Wix Answers platform is developed to assist users by integrating a ticketing system call center and knowledge base all under the same platform. The customer service software help desk assists business enterprises with everything they need to support their customers in the long term. The Wix Answers platform is free to start, so why don’t you test it out yourself?