Big Data and AI for Psychology: Predicting Human Behavior

Big Data and AI for Psychology: Predicting Human Behavior

by January 13, 2018

Data has led to numerous innovations and discoveries. At the same time, it has also pioneered several technologies that depend upon artificial intelligence (AI). There is hardly any industry that is not trying to inculcate artificial intelligence and use big data for better analysis of its results. Psychological science is yet another area which is super involved in using data and AI to gather more insights into human behavior.

Sensors are used to gather data about human behavior unlike before when data was manually filled with forms. As scientists say each little piece of big data is crucial in the process, there are a plethora of psychological processes that rely on big data and AI. For example, language development. Collection of data from infants to study language development would be a difficult task if it was not for big data and AI. Testing these samples of research could take hours to compile and get results. But if fed to a program that works on AI, it is actually a child’s play.

It is very pivotal to get a hold of how AI can play a big role in guessing and understanding how humans react to any particular situation. It is the behavioral data which can be gathered without sampling. The very recent examples of smartwatches acting as sensors not only bring the required insight on the table but also cut short the time which would otherwise have been spent on gathering that kind of data. It is like an unconscious input that is independent of filling out forms. There have been many such projects already in place to measure stress or health. For example, StressSense tracks when people are most stressed and helps them avoid anxious situations. MyBehaviour analyses physical activity patterns to aid people to be in shape. MoodRhythm allows patients with bipolar disorder monitor sleep and social interactions to maintain balanced mood and energy levels.

Researchers have been constantly suggesting repurposing of data which in other words point towards manipulating historical data to understand human behavioral patterns. Similarly, the type of google search undertaken by humans also says a lot about their mental state and how stable as a person are they psychologically. Such logs can be remodeled to make lives better for individuals.

How does a person with any particular disability react to a situation? Is it possible to try and alter or maybe understand it? Artificial intelligence answers all these questions along with big data. In what possible way can a human being react to any particular hazard or why is it that an individual lost his/her temper? A stretched data along with a knowledge of patterns is exactly what one needs to gain insight into this.

A psychologist with a prior understanding of data science and artificial intelligence can very well utilize the skills to discover ways to tackle the issues so related. It is this technology that also enables us to understand what shapes human behavior and other things around play a part in this.

Artificial intelligence has set a benchmark in every other industry and is now all set for behavioral science. The thought process of a human determines his/her actions and these collect data for further analysis. Psychology is present everywhere, it is not just in medical terms but also in our day to day lives. What does a consumer buys at a particular shop is also something that clearly determines the human behavior? The talking patterns, the shopping patterns, the sleeping patterns, everything is related to behavioral science. How does a brain perform in different situations also requires research to be done? And, with big data this field of science has only enhanced.

It does not just stop yet, there is still a lot of scope to counter and collect the human behavior via technology. Big data has a long way to go and aid experiments related to psychology and bring defining results. This is something which can’t be ignored so easily and holds huge value in today’s world. So, it is only right to make use of it exploitatively and for the good.