BIAMI.IO: Enhancing Productivity Across Enterprises with Automation Solutions and Built-in Intelligence


BIAMI.IO as a company offers Intelligent Automation solutions to build intelligent business process-driven software, platforms, and robots. Based on its own technology, an enterprise-ready automation framework, the company is offering solutions in four areas:

Intelligent Automation for the People – software and solutions for individuals to automate their daily tasks. Businesses can create their individual automated business processes using BIAMI DEV, free and open-source software or use BIAMI Personal Cloud, a free cloud service for non-commercial use.

Enterprise Intelligent Automation Cloud Platform – software and solutions for business customers to build their own intelligent and automated solutions at scale in public, private or hybrid cloud deployment. Automation clusters are built with BIAMI Enterprise Edition software and very often include additional solutions like BIAMI Resource Management and BIAMI Performance Management to build complex solutions in elastic and scalable infrastructure and meet automation SLA.

Enterprise Intelligent Automation Transformation – horizontal or industry-specific solution templates for building the best intelligent automation solutions on the market and decrease the amount of time necessary for a successful automation implementation.

Embedded Intelligent Automation – software, solutions, hardware designs and appliances to deliver autonomous intelligent automation solutions as a part of a wider proposition of its customers.

BIAMI.IO’s mission is to increase the quality of life through automation transformations where everyone is able to raise the quality, reach and efficiency of what they do with an easy to build and manage intelligent automation.


A Leadership That Accelerates The Business Value

BIAMI.IO was founded in 2017 after a few years of initial automation framework software product development. Founded by Marcin Kierdelewicz, a veteran in the software industry who still serves as the Founder of the company. Initially, with SAP, Marcin has the experience to build and grow software businesses from startups to over US$1 billion valuations. The founding team of BIAMI.IO included a half-a-dozen people who worked together for many years and with the vision to build the best automation proposition in the market. BIAMI DEV is the only open-source enterprise-ready automation tool and the rest of the BIAMI.IO’s proposition is the only in the market that lets non-technical people design the automation process. Through the collaboration with others, they’re able to share the experience and improve the quality of intelligent automation processes that they build.


Delivering Best Automation Solutions Through Collaboration

Intelligent Automation and RPA are the core of what BIAMI.IO is offering. The unique part of the company’s proposition in the market is focus on business power users versus developers and the open-source collaboration where BIAMI itself and its customers share automation processes on platforms like Github to collaborate with others without a need to share a secret sauce. This type of collaboration lets everyone to bring skills that are needed when they’re needed and deliver the best automation solutions in the market.

Moreover, the long terms strategy for BIAMI.IO includes elements of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) which are part of future product release including intelligent chatbot.


Offering Innovation with Disruptive Technologies

AI, ML, NLP, and chatbots are very important in what the company does today. Marcin believes that combining such technologies will help BIAMI.IO offer a very innovative way to deliver on intelligent automation promise. The development is at quite an early stage but the company already sees the added value that it is going to be able to offer for its customers. Marcin says, “We can’t share all the details yet as the development is ongoing but think about the difference between automation process design delivered by manager today vs automation process design built by a robot based on industry best practices and knowledge available online.” The interaction with customers will change too from managers filling in spreadsheets today to being interviewed by robots in order to build the best solutions.


Key Alliances that Drive Success

In Intelligent Automation space almost everything that people talk about is innovative. Automation is the future and the thing is only about how easy it is to build automation solutions in order to increase the adoption of automation. BIAMI is the only solution in the market that doesn’t require developers to automate business processes. The company’s first key alliances include the top three cloud vendors where they work with them in order to build a better experience, collaboration and elastic automation infrastructure that is required. BIAMI also partners with many system integration companies in order to deliver consulting and implementation services while it can focus on core proposition development and customer support.


AI, NLP, and Chatbot: Prime Propositions of Businesses

Marcin usually doesn’t put all of those in one bucket. According to him, Intelligent Automation is the future but the reality is that all of the current RPA leading vendors including UiPath, Blue Prism, and Automation Anywhere don’t offer very intelligent automation solutions. They’re focusing on one and the same area and make it more and more technical. BIAMI’s approach is different, from the very beginning the company had an automation framework that can be extended and it adds more and more with every project. RPA is only part of what BIAMI can do and its approach to collaboration and focus on working with business managers makes it unique in the way it works and the outcome people will get. Marcin believes that AI, NLP, and Chatbot will be part of the proposition of every vendor and it’s only a matter of time when they see that. The difference will be in the details and what people can do with every vendor’s AI, NLP, and Chatbot proposition. That will define a different positioning of the vendors in the market in the future.


Remarkable Achievements and Success Stories

While BIAMI.IO was a relatively new company in the market, it has significant achievements and great customer success stories in the commercial market, including delivering:

•  A new significant part of the business for one of Telco in Europe with over 5 million services provisioned over 2 years and with zero downtime. That was achieved only because BIAMI is able to check if resources are available before the automation process kicks-off as well as automation processes can be managed at every stage with the possibility to roll-back or completely restart of the automation process if there is any potential failure.

•  Complex marketplace order processing automation for one of the leading online retailers where BIAMI.IO significantly decreased the time and resources needed to manage multi-vendor marketplace.

•  Service catalog for leading service providers to gain a competitive advantage with the ability to offer deployment of over 200 new software packages to their customers in a fully automated way.


Leveraging Automation for Rapid Global Success

Marcin says, “Current RPA vendors hold the world record for the “Year on Year Growth” with result that was never achieved before. Not even close. And in my opinion, this is just the beginning of what we’re going to see.” Automation will help the businesses to grow and scale faster than ever before. For everyone, it means that while Amazon is the biggest company in the world and not many people would predict that such a giant can be built within such a short period of time. Reality will be that it takes less time to build globally successful companies in the future and that becomes a standard.

BIAMI.IO offers intelligent automation software on cloud platforms or on embedded hardware, new business model templates and complex automation industry solution templates. All of that to help its customers to adopt automation faster, become more cost-efficient quicker, create new revenue streams through moving to a new “as-a-service” model and gain experience of industry standards that exist today.