Best BIM Modeling Companies

October 5, 2019

According to the UN, the world’s population will be nearly 10 billion by 2050 and as it stands now the global architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry is responsible for providing the social and economic spaces to the worldwide population. The industry creates the required new infrastructure, as well as maintains and restores the buildings and infrastructure that are already in use. To keep up with this demand, it is crucial for the AEC industry to seek smarter and more efficient ways to design and build not only to satisfy global population’s need but to help create spaces that are smarter and more resilient as well.

BIM [Building Information Modeling] technology provides efficiencies on the Design, Construction and Operations, that were previously tough. Adoption of a correct implementation of this technology is not easy, and there are companies out there that help Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Owners close the gap when implementing it. 

Here is the list of best 10 BIM Companies in 2019 


1. ENGworks 

ENGworks is the nation’s top BIM services company with over 180 BIM professionals and 15+ years of BIM experience. They count with an extensive portfolio of iconic projects and clients. Their staff includes engineers and field experience personnel impacting directly in the quality of their work. They have offices nationwide and highest customer satisfaction rates within this arena. ENGworks counts with an AEC/BIM focused software development services division, helping its clients and its own staff become very efficient.

ENGworks areas of expertise include assisting A/E firms during design, BIM Content Creation, supporting GC’s and MEP contractors doing LOD 400 BIM Modeling +Coordination+BIM Fabrication, 4D, 5D, managing COBie, Scan to BIM, BIM for Facilities Management and AEC Innovation/Software Development services.


2. Trimble MEP Division

Image result for Trimble logoTrimble comes from the AEC hardware/equipment side, and expanded through acquisitions into AEC software. Trimble MEP Division has a portfolio of workforce-enhancing productivity technologies (hardware and software solutions for MEP contractors and engineers) and counts with a services arm that provides VDC services to its clientele. Its services staff counts with construction experience professionals and counts with Worldwide presence to perform Laser Scanning services.



Image result for UScad logoU.S. CAD is one of the largest Autodesk Authorized Platinum Reseller Partners in the US. US CAD offers variety of Autodesk solutions along with Services such as implementations, training, application development services, and configuration services. They also count with a BIM production offering.


4. Microdesk 

Image result for Microdesk logoMicrodesk is one of the largest Autodesk Resellers that also includes a services arm. It helps clients to realize the business benefits of BIM quickly and economically by facilitating the use of innovative technologies and processes. Within their services they include Training and Implementation, Asset Management, Technical support with BIM tools.


5. Aspenhills Consulting

Although not large in size, it’s a reputable BIM consultant in the Midwest focused on MEP Model Coordination and BIM for Fabrication and Scan to BIM services. Aspenhills Consulting counts with a decent size list of repeated clients.



6. Sanveo 

SanveoSanveo is a construction technology firm specializing in BIM (building information modeling), VDC (virtual design and construction) and advanced technology consulting solutions. 

Sanveo’s main strength is on Electrical Engineering and Modeling.  They count with a main office in San Francisco, along with a few other offices in the US with a back office in India.

The company strives to empower its clients to extract the most value out of project information to make effective decisions, enhance productivity and improve quality. Sanveo’s portfolio includes Aviation, Hospitals, High-Rise Buildings, Corporate Offices, Industrial Buildings, Data Centers, Universities, Specialized Buildings and more.


7. CorbisStudio

CorbisStudio is a BIM production support services Studio for Architects offering very experienced producing Design Development [DD] and Construction Drawings [CD’s] packages so that its clients, the architects can focus on designing. 

Its main office is in Argentina and they count with an office in Los Angeles to front face with clients.


8. AEC Resource 

Image result for AEC ResourceAEC Resource is an Argentina based BIM production services that helps US and other International Architects, Engineers and Contractors with CAD & BIM Production services, including Modelling, CAD Drafting, Scan to BIM. AEC produces 3D Visualization including Renderings and Animations, and they do BIM Consulting focusing on BIM Implementations, BIM execution Plans, Templates Creation, 3rd Party Model review and others. Additionally, AEC performs Laser Scanning services.


9. Applied Software 

ImageOne of Autodesk Top Platinum Resellers with services divisions on several industries, within AEC they provide Implementation & Training on all Autodesk Products, Tech support and Mentoring, Template Development and BIM peer Review services. They count with Implementation packages such as “SMART Implementation” bundles that focus on jump starting a company that is new to BIM. 


10. Pinnacle Infotech 

Image result for Pinnacle InfotechPinnacle made it to this list been the largest India based BIM and CAD outsourcing firm, including some Engineering services and counts with over 1000 employees. They provide services in 39 countries across 6 continents. On the BIM services they mainly provide 3D Modeling of all disciplines, 3D Visualization, Clash Detection Services, BIM for Digital Prefabrication, Construction Document Management, Marketing BIM Presentations, Pre-Construction Logistics, Bill of Materials, Revit Families and Shop Drawings. Pinnacle also offers Engineering Design services. When it comes to pricing, they are probably the cheapest of this list.