Bengaluru Unrolls Red Carpet for Ericsson’s New Global AI Accelerator

by December 14, 2018

The Stockholm-based telecom Ericsson has opened a Global Artificial Intelligence Accelerator (GAIA) in tech hub of Bengaluru city. The new innovation hub will focus on the aspects of Research and Development (R&D) and is expected to create 150 employment opportunity for Data Scientists, ML and AI architects, Software Developers and Engineers by 2019.

Reportedly, this futuristic potential will surge the execution strategy by supporting AI and Automation technologies to develop data-driven, intelligent and stalwart systems for automation, evolution and growth.

The hub has been set up as an intermediate unit for speeding up of projects in Ericsson’s four business areas and customer projects in commercial areas.

The telecom gear maker has established identical facilities in Sweden and US early this year.

As per Ericsson R&D Bengaluru Head, Sanjeev Tyagi’s affirmation, this Indian accelerator is an evidence of the company’s commitment to the country and flourishing a rich expertise pool and dynamic ecosystem here. The official also added that as the conventional methods of managing and executing network will no longer prosper and the dawn of 5G and IoT (Internet of Things) technologies the company envisions a huge potential way of using networks.

Various collaborative enterprises are in progress for the advancement of AI and Automation in Ericsson’s products in business areas. The outcomes have manifested the perspective that intellectual leveraging of data can fetch in the telecom sector.

With the emergence of AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence – Machine Learning) driven automation in handling networks, the tech firms come up with the ability to grab new revenue-generating opportunities and commercial models for telecom service providers.

Additionally, Ericsson is expected to explore alliances with industry stakeholders, start-ups service providers and academia to pad rearrangements.

Apparently, 300 data scientists, data engineers, software developers and ML/AI architects universally, will grab the employment in the company’s three accelerators.