Azilen Technologies: Redefining Human Capital Management with Disruptive Technologies


Azilen Technologies is a leading Product Engineering Company established in 2009 with the vision of “Translating Technologies into Customer Value Creation”. The company started off by offering a Digital Food Ordering Solution- eMenu which became a popular product in the US and subsequently got acquired by a US-based firm.

In 2011, Azilen established a new division to offer product development services to Startups, SMBs and Enterprises. The division creates and transforms world-class products providing the best user “experience” to companies globally.

Today, the company’s focus remains in enterprise product development solutions mainly in HR Tech domain. Azilen’s HR Tech engineering practice, which is powered by artificial intelligence mechanisms, ensures that solutions are driven by real-time data insights,

thus ensuring intelligent decision support.


Strong Technological Leadership

 Azilen’s engineering division is led by Arvind Kugasia, Vice President – Engineering and Solutions. Arvind is an expert when it comes to HR Tech, someone who has dedicated 15+ years in building innovative solutions and truly understands how industry & human capital management in general has evolved over the years.

He leads a team of over 200+ people at Azilen and is the pioneer in building the HR Tech vertical for the company.

Arvind has been instrumental in building some of the most popular HR products and solutions in leading HR organizations across the world. Check out Azilen’s HR Tech Competency.


Transforming HR with Cutting-Edge Solutions

 Azilen is building cutting-edge solutions in the HR space, covering the best-fit solutions which are predictive and are helping firms to stay ahead:

•  In the race of hiring right talent mix (solutions covering semantic search, identifying non-obvious candidates, video pitch/ interview analysis, CV parsers, smart job boards).

•  Remain proactive in the employee engagements (churn predictions, AI-enabled surveys).

•  Become a data-driven organization than an “instinct” based (employee engagements, surveys) decision-making enterprise.

•  Simplifying work-life (facial recognition, voice bots).

Checkout Glimpse of Some of Azilen’s HR Tech Solutions:

•  Innovation Driving Better Service for Partners and Clients



Driving Innovation to the Core

Azilen has been working with market leaders, covering almost all HR processes ranging from core HR to talent acquisition, employee engagement to benefits and health care. To further boost its innovation, Azilen has added capabilities in AI / ML space

Commenting on the innovation, Arvind said it’s the “habit” which makes us unique. He adds that the overall culture of innovation runs through Azilen’s core leadership group who work relentlessly in getting the vision translated to grass-root level. The composition of product and operations mindset is segregated at KRA level which further helps yield right output from right skillset.

“In addition, we measure the innovation with some niche parameters on a continuous basis which allows opportunities for blue-sky thinking, where failure is an option and rapid prototyping with right mentoring mix is our basics that we always go back to,” he mentions.


Leveraging Disruptive Technologies

According to Arvind, organizations hold a huge amount of employee data (personal details, career, performance related and so on), all of these we are able to correlate today by using AI to derive insights which is helping them make right and more informed decisions. Some of the dimensions which he points out include:

•  AI is helping to remove the potential biasness for skewed human perspective to inhibit the decision-making process.

•  Employee engagement areas that often get lost in the “text” is never analyzed but a lot of truth lies in those often ignored “comments” by employees. AI algorithms with respect to text analysis are proving major breakthrough solutions in HR.

•  AI is being utilized in various areas of talent acquisition to provide key insights for organization in making faster decisions.


Awards and Recognition

Azilen has received the Best Innovation in 2011 award and the Best Product Company award in 2014. The company has been receiving motivating feedback from its customers which encourages it to innovate and serve them better. Some of the notable client testimonials include:

“Azilen Technologies meshed seamlessly with the internal team, delivering content of comparable quality. The team’s exceptional technical skills, firm grasp of project requirements, and adaptive approach to scheduling allowed them to operate efficiently and effectively.”

“They’ve been a great thought partner when it comes to thinking through our core strategy.


Overcoming Challenges

Organisation is made of people, and the success of an organisation is largely driven by how well the vision & purpose is translated to each employee.

With the changing times, the millennials versus the old school method believers and quality / visionary implementation in such a diverse atmosphere is a real challenge.

Arvind feels the challenge is to drive a change deeply to enforce the product engineering excellence at the grass-root level.

“To ensure consistency you need to regularly collect feedback and evaluate your people and take each comment/statistic into consideration to understand abilities of managers/leaders driving the change and more importantly sentiments of people. It’s very satisfying to see Azilen leadership team is translating technology into value creation on continuous basis,” he asserts.


The Future Roadmap

Arvind believes, in today’s evolving business landscape; organizations are still going the old ways of managing a business which is not sufficient in this agile or uncertain / complex environment.

He mentions it would not be wrong to say that quite a few percent of organizations today still know their customers more than their own people. The focus needs to shift towards people, growing needs of real-time survey and rise of platforms in this space is an indicator of the classic shift happening at ground.

Organizations still take “gut-based” decisions that need to move towards data-driven decisions. If we look at small or mid-sized organizations, the data is not as big as it may look, here there is strong need for analysis and critical thinking and to adopt different approaches to make decisions.

“Additionally, the territories still unexplored in organizations today is the behavioural aspect of employees. These organizations need to look forward to seeing research/models to provide better insights to toxicity, emotion & aspect-based analysis to provide better insights to this very sensitive area of people”, he opines.