Paper Books will be Back! But with an Augmented Reality Twist

Paper Books will be Back! But with an Augmented Reality Twist

Augmented reality will heighten the chances for paper books to make a strong comeback

Modern-day advancements in computing call for merging the physical and digital worlds to integrate an immersive user experience. The implementation of AR technologies demonstrates its rapid growth, enhancing this merge, and introducing new prospects in tech evolution. Recent reports about the advancements of AR reveal that researchers have been integrating augmented reality technology to improve the future of paper books. The introduction of augmented books might help paper books to make a strong comeback, in the face of the growing popularity of e-books.

Researchers from The University of Surrey have demonstrated that augmented reality books might be the future of paper books. The core idea behind the concept was to enable readers to process information through their third-generation version of a paper, known as Next Generation Paper (NGP). Reportedly, it will allow readers to get a more immersive experience while reading books since it will come with an accompanying screen of a smart device with augmented reality embedded in it.

Through NGP, readers will be able to experience the digital version of the book by simply swiping their fingers on a paper book, which will lead them to their smart device that enlists something new to read. Yeah, it does sound quite complicated and unrealistic, but researchers are determined to make it a reality. The researchers have stated that power efficiency and pre-printed conductive paper are some of the core features that will enable these augmented books to be produced on a semi-industrial basis.

Initially, scientists conducted this research to enrich travel experiences by creating augmented travel guides. They upgraded a 3G model to increase the possibility of creating augmented travel books, only to realize later on that this new piece of innovation can be integrated into almost all paper books. The techniques and knowledge that they gained while researching the development of augmented books will enable them to integrate new printing techniques to provide immersive experiences to readers.

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