Fall in Love Virtually: Find Your Dating Partner in Metaverse

Fall in Love Virtually: Find Your Dating Partner in Metaverse

Finding love in the metaverse: is it even possible? Let's examine the possibilities and try to find the answer.

The metaverse is no longer a mere futuristic concept to dream of and bring up when talking about Ready Player One, book, or movie adaptation. From fashion to corporate, metaverse is taking over every sector, and the dating world is not an exception. Dating apps are drastically remodeling the dating landscape, including a multitude of new possibilities with which they captivate their customers. With the metaverse becoming more and more mainstream day to day, people have found more time to spend in it, opening up a new avenue: virtual dating/metaverse dating. Think of it like Tinder or Hinge only instead of posting images of your real self you upload images and videos of your VR persona, such as your custom VRChat avatar. According to the apps creator Cheerio, the same team behind VR apps like Couch and Somewhere, human faces are strictly prohibited on the Nevermet platform. Users are instead judged based on their avatar movements, style, and voice. This article features how you can find partners in the metaverse.

More than 80% of couples on dating apps reported their openness to try new formats of dating such as metaverse. However, a few also expressed concern and skepticism on the lack of clarity about the functioning of a metaverse, with many associating the network to a gaming platform in their minds.

A Quick Look at the Metaverse

The metaverse is considered the next step in the evolution of the internet. It doesn't yet exist how science fiction lovers would like it to, but it's getting there; slowly but surely. As it stands at the moment, the term metaverse gets used to describe the virtual space you occupy once you don a virtual reality (VR) headset and venture off into the augmented reality (AR) world able to interact with it.

The metaverse is more than just the online space of the world wide web as you don't stop at only viewing the content you're browsing as an outsider looking in, but you also interact with that content yourself, using helpful tools. What tools, you ask? Well, usually, it involves the use of VR headsets and gloves. These devices helping you touch, feel, and be present in the metaverse are primarily used in gaming. But now, in dating, too.

What Does Dating in the Metaverse Resemble?

The metaverse dating platform is basically an interface between numerous users that empowers them to share different and complex encounters, better than the old Tinder Swipe. Dating applications with a metaverse framework depend on the idea of avatars, an advanced articulation of an individual. They make virtual spaces, from bars and eateries to stop seats that transform into meeting places for constant sound-fueled avatars.

Online dating platforms have been quite a lot more significant to individuals involved in long-distance relationships. With metaverse dating, long-distance couples can enjoy being with each other beyond the "classic" video call. They can explore new adventures and feel closer to each other because their avatars can touch, hold hands or hug. It is a great way to break the routine and to keep the passion alive, even at a distance.

A New Way to Date: Apps for Metaverse Dating

Aptly named Nevermet is a dating app for the metaverse era that enables you to enjoy love and intimacy with avatars in the metaverse. The dating app Nevermet, just like its mobile equivalent Tinder, is a dating app where you can search and hook up on dates except that in this case, you will be searching for either Virtual Boyfriends (VBFs) or Virtual Girlfriends (VGFs).

Planet Theta

Planet Theta offers a way to meet new people in the metaverse and connect. The platform lets you enjoy the experience of what it calls social VR by visiting all the places it has to offer. If you like who you meet enough to ask them out and spend some time alone together, you can go on a virtual date and have your pick of a whirl of places to explore. For instance, an enchanted forest, bars, clubs, or coffee places; the list of possibilities is extensive.

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