Xiaomi’s CyberOne, A New Humanoid Robot to Fight TeslaBot

Xiaomi’s CyberOne, A New Humanoid Robot to Fight TeslaBot

A humanoid robot named CyberOne appears prepared to take on Tesla Bot. At a gathering on Thursday, August 11, in Beijing, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun and CyberOne made an appearance on stage.

An exciting and developing area of research, humanoid robotics has attracted a lot of interest recently and will continue to be essential to 21st-century robotics studies and numerous applications. The understanding of human-like information processing and the underlying mechanics of the human brain in dealing with the real environment is one of the common difficulties handled in humanoid robots, regardless of the application area.

This week, Xiaomi unveiled CyberOne, a humanoid robot that appears ready to challenge Tesla Bot. Standing 1.77 meters tall and weighing a substantial 52 kg, CyberOne appeared on stage with Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun at a gathering in Beijing on Thursday, August 11. Before presenting the boss with a crimson flower, the robot lumbered up to Jun. It was unclear why CyberOne was doing this, but it was probably to show that its mitten-like hands can successfully grip a variety of objects.

Xiaomi's first robot since CyberDog launched into a cool Kung Fu move after Jun accepted the flower, but it decided against decking the person who had given the go-ahead for its development. Before anything terrible could happen to the prototype, Jun took a photo with CyberOne and expressed his happiness at still being alive. This ended the introduction.

On Xiaomi's YouTube page, a more dramatic film showcasing CyberOne was posted, but in it, the robot spends most of its time strolling as if it's in urgent need of the restroom — and falls, too. No, it is not yet as agile as Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot, which can flip around. CyberOne can sense 3D space and recognize people, gestures, and expressions thanks to an MI-Sense depth vision module and an AI interaction algorithm, Xiaomi stated in a statement. This "allows it to not only observe but to understand its environment."

Many humanoid robots that can move and carry out well-designed activities have been developed thanks to significant advancements in humanoid research. A promising range of science and technology that will eventually lead to the creation of highly developed humanoid mechatronic systems with extensive and intricate sensorimotor capabilities has arisen during the past ten years in the field of humanoid research.

The robot can also distinguish 45 different categories of human emotion in addition to 85 different sorts of environmental sounds, according to the report. Although the company doesn't say how CyberOne can also recognize happiness and "comfort the user in times of grief." According to CyberOne, "all of these functionalities are included in the processing units, which are combined with a curved OLED module to display real-time interactive information."

CyberOne has a lot in common with Tesla Bot, a robot introduced by Tesla CEO Elon Musk last year. At the time, the flamboyant businessman declared that Tesla Bot will be used to "remove risky, uninteresting activities" from the workplace. This year, a prototype is anticipated to debut. Xiaomi's robot is similar to others like Honda's Asimo and SoftBank's Pepper, which both perished in the big robot cemetery in the sky. Hopefully, CyberOne won't suffer a destiny as sad.

What Xiaomi has in store for CyberOne is unclear, and based on the information in a tweet given by Jun on Thursday, neither is Xiaomi. According to Jun's essay, "The story of CyberOne is one of setting off on a new adventure of exploration in the field of intelligent robotics." Although there is still a long way to go, we never lose hope that something fantastic is about to occur.

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