Using Artificial Intelligence To Track Parcels and Predict Delivery Dates

Using Artificial Intelligence To Track Parcels and Predict Delivery Dates

Online shopping has allowed consumers to purchase just any products from around the globe, providing access to all existing goods, and allowing them to shop at the best prices, with one and only downside compared to the traditional physical shopping, the delivery delays. Deliveries are usually quite opaque processes, during which buyers have paid for something that they have not received yet, and don't have information regarding their packages until they get finally delivered.
Thankfully, there's a tool that brings light to the whole process, and with the help of AI, provides a projection of the delivery date.

How to use AI for tracking?

An online parcel tracking tool has integrated AI, allowing users to benefit of all the insights it can bring. Ordertracker is an innovative package tracking tool that allows consumers to view their orders in real-time. The system uses AI to provide accurate delivery information such as delay predictions, delivery updates, and more. It can be used by consumers to independently track their orders over various retailers and courier services.

The Advantages of Using Ordertracker

The post-purchase experience is one of the main sources of either pleasure or pain for most retailers. Those that are able to ship out orders on time and ensure they arrive safely are able to retain consumers more efficiently. At the same time, those that use faulty shipping methods, lose packages, or fail to deliver will end up losing more customers than they gain.

With Order Tracker, the benefits are twofold, the consumer is able to keep an eye on their order, and the brand or retailer is able to offer more reliable support. Order Tracker uses AI to track packages from more than 1,200 supported shipping companies with 100% accuracy. For consumers, this means that locating their order at any point in its journey is as simple as entering the tracking number online. For retailers, this means that delivery times can be improved thanks to detailed analytics that are provided in real-time for each shipping company.

How tracking could help Ecommerces

A study has revealed that over 88% of consumers consider real time tracking as crucial, but in reality, these functions are still not being utilized, even if the benefits of implementing a tracking solution for ecommerce are quite considerable. Here's some of the benefits of adding tracking pages to online stores :

Reducing customer support by up to 60%, answering all the WISMO queries

Where Is My Order, or it's acronym WISMO, is known as the most asked question in Ecommerce, by implementing transparent tracking services, these queries could be reduced to almost 0.

Reassuring customers with transparency over the post purchase process

It has been proved that when customers are provided with real-time tracking, their tolerance toward delays is greater. Tracking also solves one of the main barriers when ordering online, especially from an independent or relatively new store. The lack of confidence toward the service, and its legitimacy.

Optimizing delivery times by getting reports from the different carriers

With an overview over the whole delivery chain, store owners have access to additional insights allowing them to test and optimize their deliveries, by switching from a courier service to another and this way improve their delivery delays.

Re-Converting and Upselling existing customers

As tracking is one essential step when shopping online, most customers will track their parcel independently if there is no solution presented to them. Allowing the tracking event to happen on your store is guaranteeing that your converted customers will visit your website again, creating new reconversion opportunities for stores. On average, a customer tracks its parcel 2,7 times during the shipping process, this would provide store owners with almost 3 new opportunities to reconvert their paying customers with new or related products.

How to Use Ordertracker

To use Ordertracker all consumers need to do is enter the package tracking number from their order into the website's search box. Ordertracker will provide the tracking data for the specific package, and with the help of its AI, generate a timeline of the entire delivery process and notify you on the status of your package along with the expected delivery delay. The delivery dates are calculated using insights from 1000 previous orders that were delivered in the same area. Getting automatic updates requires entering an email address and setting an account on the platform. The AI tracking service can send you push notifications whenever the status of your packages changes, or when the package arrives in your city.

If there is a shipping disruption in a specific area, or the order was delayed at some point for just any reason, Ordertracker will be able to consider these changes and keep the consumer updated. The tool works with local and international delivery services making it a great solution for tracking packages all over the world.

Keeping Up With Packages

Merchants are generally hands-off once they hand over packages to the shipping company. With parcel tracking tools, keeping an eye on an online order is easier than ever. It is also a great way for consumers to plan their deliveries according to their schedules with ease.

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