Upstart Launches AI Certification for Financial Services

Upstart Launches AI Certification for Financial Services

Upstart launches a new program on AI certification for financial services

Upstart, a prominent AI lending marketplace, today rolls out the " AI certification for financial services " and AI courses online. This is a first-in-industry professional AI certification for financial services program for executives in financial services to help them kickstart their pursuit of AI skills and aid their organizations in leading the AI transformation.

"Artificial intelligence is shaping up to be the largest technology transformation of our time, and it's already redefining the financial industry," said Dave Girouard, CEO of Upstart. "AI in Financial Services enables business leaders to gain a better understanding of the technology's technical, operational, and ethical considerations."

"This course is a digestible master class in AI models that I recommend for anyone beginning to leverage machine learning in their lending practices," said Michelle Goeppner, VP of Consumer Lending and Product Strategy at Vantage West Credit Union. "It provides a deeper understanding of model types, data inputs, potential risks, and necessary governance and oversight."

The main course discusses AI certification for financial services, with a specific introduction to the role of credit. The AI certification for financial services programs provides more than a theoretical background; it gives participants practical tools to support them in starting the process of implementing AI in their organizations.

"Upstart's course is a giant leap forward for those seeking best-in-class knowledge about AI from an industry leader," said Jenna Stricker, NBC Bank's Director of Digital Lending. "From precise risk assessments to streamlining operations to a more personalized customer experience, this course helped equip me with the skills and understanding to harness AI's potential for greater efficiency and profitability in our customer experience and lending operations."

The training is delivered by Upstart's team of AI experts in banking, risk, and compliance, who have close relations with financial institutions, regulators, and consumers to apply the disruptive technology first-hand. The courses cover:

Foundational concepts in AI

Understanding and assessing a model

Ethics and oversight

Applications in financial services

Next steps for applying AI

The course is available for anyone. It doesn't require any particular time or skills and is entirely free for a limited period. Learners are welcome to be part of an online community to learn collaboratively and obtain a digital badge or officiated certificate thereafter. AI in Financial Services is Upstart's second online course after the successful release of the Upstart Program Certification course aimed to empower banks and credit unions with a taste of the Upstart lending program tools and keeping them up with the regulations.

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