Upskill with AI: Top Free AI Courses to Boost Your Career

Explore the top free AI courses to upskill and excel in your career
Upskill with AI: Top Free AI Courses to Boost Your Career

Emerging technologies of today has become very important, especially given the ever-changing technology world. With increased technological advancement in almost every organization, Artificial intelligence now defines careers. It is powerful to upskill with AI so that you not only become qualified for promotions, but you’re enabled to steer changes in the industry as well. However, the good news is that there are many free courses that you can find on the internet which can help one to develop AI skills. In this article let us review the best Free AI courses which you can take for free and which will go a long way in making your career.

 1. AI for everyone on Coursera

Overview: Trained by Andrew Ng— the founder of Google Brain, Coursera has developed this course with an aim to demystify AI and make it available to the masses.


This tutorial involves no programming at all so it will be useful for you even if you are a complete beginner.

Research them in terms of their relation to the field of Artificial Intelligence and what they mean for different industries.

Certification upon completion

Benefits: If you want a grand view of what AI is and what it is capable of without meandering into more specific technical details, then this course is ideal for you as a professional.

2. Elements and AI by University of Helsinki

Overview: It will explain what AI is and will examine the fundamental concepts and how it is revolutionizing the world.


Many students often searched for interactive and entertaining media.

Actual use of artificial intelligence

Inexperienced traders may find it comfortable while experienced traders may also find it easy to operate.

Benefits: Have grasped the reality and the essence of artificial intelligence and its possible outcomes in one’s life for self-development and career evolution.

3. Google AI offers a course on Machine Learning for those who want to understand the fundamentals of machine learning

Overview: This crash course offered by Google is a fast and effective way of getting to grips with Machine Learning, or ML using the TensorFlow APIs.


Innovative job-training practices and application of complete realistic scenarios

Interactive visualizations

I think that accessing them won’t cost anything. 

Benefits: Discover ML in practice and deepen your technical expertise as a non-specialist machine learning engineer.

4.’s Practical Deep Learning for Coders

About: Practically, if you know code to some extent, then this deep learning course will help you through hands on.


Hands-Tasks and practical work

Established online community.

Free resources and materials

Advantages: Develop real-world projects on deep learning and work on your coding skills to get onto the radars of the employers.

 5. Deep Learning by Dr. Ramesh Raskar – An online course from MIT OpenCourseWare

Overview: For a detailed introduction to this subject, you can turn to MIT through the platform of OpenCourseWare.


Lecture videos and power point, and coursework from actual MIT course.

Therefore, many of the practical assignments and projects undertaken in the learning process are problematic.

Availability of all teaching and learning resources as a main learning asset.

 Benefits: Get a great grasp of the subject in Artificial Intelligence having been afforded the opportunity by one of the best institutions in the world which be of great advantage in one’s resume.

 6. A program given by IBM that entails Artificial intelligence engineering skills

Overview: IBM provides a set of free courses Of AI on Coursera with the subsequent professional certificate in artificial intelligence engineering.


Complete course material including AI, ML, and deep learning education

The experimental approaches such as project and lab work

Industry-recognized certification

Benefits: Gain additional theoretical understanding of how AI works in the real world from IBM and prove to employers that you have solid knowledge in this field by getting an official certificate.

 7. Microsoft’s AI School

Overview: Microsoft offered a number of free courses under the title of AI School, which focuses on various aspects of AI and ML.


The specifics of offered courses in ba and bs are following: Courses are offered for beginner, intermediate and advanced level.

Analyze the usage of AI and the Azure AI services

Many students cannot be given the luxury of having theoretical knowledge of every situation; therefore, they require real-life experiences.

Benefits: Gain more AI knowledge in using with Microsoft technologies and improve your skill and competency to develop Azure framework or other Microsoft solutions.

8. Guest: Harvard’s CS50: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python

Overview: Taught on the edX platform by Harvard University this course is an excellent start for anyone seeking to learn about the basics of Artificial Intelligence through Python programming language.


The integration of AI into real projects and assignment areas

Using the facts you have gathered about the case, determine how handy Harvard’s course materials would be to you.

Able to access the course for audit

Benefits: Get actual learning of Artificial Intelligence from one of the reputable institutions, that can help to have a better carrier.

9. This course is Machine Learning 101 by Kaggle

Overview: Kaggle, a cloud-based community for data scientists is where users can find a free course on machine learning specifically intended for beginners.


Pertaining to the practical aspects, it implies some practical exercises and sets of data.

More so, the content should incorporate and availing interactivity.

Kaggle’s current active community and other available resources

Benefits: Designed to support your learning with a practical focus, this Master teaches machine learning using real-world examples and cases.

10. Udacity’s Intro to TensorFlow for Deep Learning

Overview: I found this course provides an overview of using TensorFlow, which is one of the most utilized frameworks in developing deep learning models.


Small case and exercises

Word guessing games, back and forth Q&A sessions, handwriting practice

Presenting all course materials for students and teachers to use without restriction

Benefits: Help you learn how to apply TensorFlow in real-world projects, although TensorFlow has great demand in the AI job market.

11. Artificial Intelligence (AI) by Columbia University via edX

Summary: Offered by Columbia University on edX, this is an in-depth course on AI. It deals with a variety of issues such as search algorithms, game playing and machine learning.


Notable Columbia University professor-led lectures

Complete curriculum - theoretical part and practical exercises

Free course material access (with option to pay for certification)

Pros: Gain profound insights about AI ideas from a top institute, your way to your credentials and talent in the AI field.

12. Check Nvidia’s Deep Learning Institute

Summary: The Deep Learning Institute of Nvidia provides numerous free courses that span all experiences of AI and deep learning, from beginner to advanced.


Hands-on labs and projects

Access to Latest excellent frameworks

Industry expert-designed courses

Pros: Build competency in tools used by the majority of contacts in the industry due to the pervasiveness of Nvidia by learning one of the most powerful technologies available.

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