Top Start-ups to Use Artificial Intelligence in Mental Healthcare

Top Start-ups to Use Artificial Intelligence in Mental Healthcare

Analytics Insight has selected top startups that are using AI mental health treatments.

The welfare of mental health has become as pertinent as physical healthcare nowadays. If artificial intelligence is used for the diagnosis of mental health, the results would be more accurate and it would be much easier for psychologists to find solutions. It would help a lot in the preliminary check-up and initial treatment. Analytics Insight has selected five such startups that are using AI technology in mental health treatment.

Sentio Solutions

Location: San Francisco, CA

Sentio Solutions develops biomarkers and digital therapeutics using artificial intelligence to come up with innovative ways of treating mental health issues. Consistent monitoring is essential for people who suffer from anxiety, depression, or any bipolar disorder. The company offers products that help with the continuous detection of any issue existing in the user's mental state and provide personalized help to them to deal with those issues on a regular basis.

As a solution, they use a combination of behavioral techniques like positive psychology or cognitive behavioral therapy that are evidence-based. Among its products, the most popular one is the Feel Emotion Sensor, which is a wristband made for monitoring psychological signals throughout the day and recognizing emotional patterns. There is also a Feel mobile app that connects with the wristband and responds to the change in an emotional state. It also provides advice, tools, and exercises for treatment.

Clarigent Health

Location: Mason, Ohio

The company Clarigent Health has developed a platform that is based on artificial intelligence. The platform acts as a clinical decision support tool providing medical staff with insights into suicide ideation and other mental health issues. Their AI algorithms detect vocal biomarkers for suicide risk and other mental health conditions. Their app is named Clarity and it captures session audio, clinical impressions, and patient-rated scales. Their risk radar is empowering mental health professionals with various insights and trends that are used for informing diagnosis and treatment.

Their machine learning algorithm analyses human speech. It collects data in such a way that professional psychologists can easily detect the red flags existing in those speeches that may be invisible to common people. This process helps in preventing suicides and other mental health risks. The company has been awarded as 2020 Innovation & Technology Award Winner and also 2019 Seed Stage Company of the Year.


Location: Palo Alto, CA

During this pandemic, people are being affected by mental health issues more than ever. 7Cups is providing real-time support to people with licensed mental health counselors & coaches. The counselors & coaches help individuals in their personal and professional development by introducing them to meditation and breathwork techniques. Consultations are available 24/7 on an anonymous basis, thanks to the mobile nature of the service. Their AI technology anonymously & securely connects real people to real listeners in one-on-one chat. The aim of the company is to provide people with a listener who would not judge them for their thoughts.

MindDoc: Moodpath

Location: Germany

The mood tracking service of MindDoc is known as Moodpath. It assists people with depression and bipolar disorders. Minddoc's services provide support through difficult times and guide affected individuals toward faster recovery in an engaging manner. Engaging patients through such services also increases the overall recovery rate. With AI technology, Moodpath acts as a mental health companion that asks questions daily in order to evaluate a person's well-being and screen them for symptoms of depression. The app periodically generates an electronic document with monitoring results that can be used for consultation with a healthcare professional. It also provides educational videos and psychological exercises to strengthen mental health.


Location: Istanbul, Berlin

The most popular mental healthcare company for non-English speakers is Meditopia. There are a variety of mental health programs with differences in complexity, depending on the individual's condition. Some of the programs include instructions for relaxation, deep breathing, and other techniques to help manage stress and anxiety. The app made by the company aims to reduce stress, improves sleep, and help calm the mind and body. The app offers personalized meditation sessions, bedtime stories with a variety of topics to choose from, and music to relax. The company has so far supported over 18 million members in 11 different languages.

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