Top Edge AI Solutions Available in Tech Market for Edge Devices

Top Edge AI Solutions Available in Tech Market for Edge Devices

Check out the top edge AI solutions available in the tech market for edge devices

Edge AI is emerging as one of the crucial technologies in the current tech market owing to its combination of edge computing and artificial intelligence. There is no limit to potential use cases of Edge AI through multiple edge devices. Artificial intelligence algorithms harness the sufficient real-time data generated by these edge devices efficiently. Thus, multiple Edge AI solutions, as well as applications, vary from different products such as smartwatches, smart speakers, drones, robots, and many more. Let's explore some of the top Edge AI solutions available in the tech market for different edge devices.

Top Edge AI Solutions Available in the Tech Market

Drone: Drone is one of the emerging and top Edge AI solutions in the current tech market. Edge AI allows drones to collect real-time data and reside those in the same location leading drones to generate data requiring processing. It enhances this edge device to be used in multiple industries, especially the construction sector across the world. Drones work on visual search, image recognition, object tracking, mapping and cartography, and many more. Edge AI helps drones with multiple objectives—real-time tracking, predictive maintenance, logo detection, and so on.

Traffic monitoring: Edge AI combines edge computing and artificial intelligence to offer intelligent traffic management through smart traffic monitoring. It includes the implementation of Edge AI applications such as Edge AI-ready box PCs, AI inference servers, traffic light systems, and many more into a smart network. This Edge AI-ready box PCs captures live streams from IP cameras, offers power efficiency, fan-less design, and many more. This Edge AI solution is helping cities make smarter as well as safer for citizens through an efficient and effective traffic management system.

Medical imaging: Medical imaging is one of the top Edge AI solutions in the healthcare sector across the world. It is utilizing GPU computing to boost reconstruction times as well as enhance visual clarity. The blend of edge computing with artificial intelligence can reduce the radiation dose for patients, MRI scan times, patient call-backs, need for additional tests, as well as simplify the operation of medical imaging hardware through Edge AI.

Automated optical inspection (AOI): Automated optical inspection is one of the popular Edge AI solutions in the tech market that have started replacing traditional manual processes. AOI systems depend on vision systems and smart cameras through the integration of edge computing and artificial intelligence.  It helps factories and industries to scan edge devices to test for potential failures, errors, and defects. This edge device depends on fixed geometric artificial intelligence algorithms but sometimes it affects the inspection performance. It is due to the acquiring of quality images from highly transparent objects.

Acceleration modules: Edge AI acceleration modules are emerging as the top Edge AI solutions in the tech market owing to their highly efficient add-on modules in different factors. These acceleration modules can be easily and seamlessly integrated with the existing systems while decreasing the workload of the CPU. Consumers can allow artificial intelligence inference on edge devices to seek vision analytics in different sectors across the world.

Smart home devices: The application of the Edge AI solution as smart speakers in smart homes is one of the top edge devices in the tech market. Consumers have started using Edge AI in different home devices to improve the standard of living efficiently in this fast-paced life. There are multiple edge devices for smart homes such as wearables, security devices, smart TVs, smart kitchen appliances, smart speakers, and many more. These edge devices provide assistance in making real-time and faster decisions with data analytics without any potential error.

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